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PN, get your act together

Press Statement
22nd October 2020

I urge The National Security Council to finalise and coordinate all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) before making an announcement and not make people wait for another Ministry to announce further details. The recent “work from home” directive that was too general and confusing is a case in point.

Confusing and half-baked statements have resulted in great uncertainty especially among business communities and those with families because every day matters to them.

The uncertainty from the confusing SOPs has caused economic hardship to businesses and may cost potential business opportunities. Unclear and confusing SOPs also make it challenging for enforcement officers to enforce rules leading to inconsistency on the ground.

I urge the Government to clarify the confusion swiftly and ensure that a penalty is not imposed on those who are confused by the SOPs announced by both Senior Ministers, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. The Government should also subsidize all the Covid-19 tests that were rushed to be done yesterday because of the confusion about swab tests.

I want to remind the Ministers that their honeymoon period is over. They should start to coordinate with each other before a decision is announced because MCO is no longer a new thing.

The Senior Defence Minister should stop holding daily press conferences if there is nothing substantive and helpful to announce. A press conference is not a place to promote his outfits or display collectibles. People are left more confused by more unnecessary announcements. Stop confusion, stop Covid-19. If Covid-19 doesn’t kill the economy, their incompetency will.

Hannah Yeoh
MP for Segambut

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