‘Phantoms’ attack Bukit Gasing

KUALA LUMPUR: The existence of a phantom voter syndicate in Selangor has been revealed as a local resident revealed proof at a press conference together with several elected reps.

The resident, a long-time PJ resident, received 28 letters sent by Barisan Nasional to his home address in Bukit Gasing, each addressed to a different person. He has no clue who these recipients are.

The letters with BN letterheads, contain BN Chairman Najib Razak’s new year wishes as well as a message for Selangor residents to ‘make the right choice’ in the coming general election.

This recent discovery has reinforced reports and complaints made by the public, NGOs and Pakatan Rakyat regarding the suspicious increase in the electoral roll, attributed to ‘phantom’ voters.

Selangor State Assemblywoman for Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh said, upon checks made with the electoral roll, she detected a total of 37 unidentified persons registered as voters using the same address — something Yeoh described as ‘shocking’.

“We would like to ask Najib and Selangor BN coordinator, Zin Mohamed, are these people their phantom voters?”

“With this exposé, BN is scoring its own goal,” Yeoh said, in a press conference held on 25 January.

Also present at the press conference were State Assemblyman for Kampung Tunku, Lau Weng San and Political Secretary to the DAP Parliamentary Leader, Kasthuri Patto.

According to Yeoh, this disclosure verifies the existence of politically motivated fraud committed by BN.

When asked whether the incident is caused by technical glitches, Yeoh, also Selangor DAP Organising Secretary commented it could still be “acceptable” if the error involved only one mistake or two.

“But how could 28 mistakes occur at the same time? When we checked and scrutinised (the electoral roll), these names have been registered during 2012, when the first quarter of the electoral roll bill was abolished.”

“Furthermore this house was never rented out by the owner to anyone, and he has been staying at the same address for more than 30 years,” Yeoh elaborated.

Yeoh urged the Election Commission to address the matter, expecting the electoral body to take serious actions, especially in the context of a nation shaken by the recent revelations by the Royal Commissions Inquiry RCI report on the unlawful granting of citizenship to illegal immigrants in Sabah.

One MyKad, two identification numbers

In a related matter, Kasthuri Patto revealed a case here involving a 25-year old local resident only known as Jensen, pointing out the existence of two identification numbers attached to his national identity card.

“Under his MyKad number there is another identification number, but in brackets.”

“When checked again, the (other) number belongs to another voter, born in 1961 in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur. How can this be possible when the owner (of the card) was born in 1988? How can there be two identification numbers in one MyKad?” Patto questioned.

She added, NGOs, together with opposition parties have been urging the EC to clean up the electoral roll for more than 10 years.

“In 2004, we urged the EC Commissioner to resign due to the many doubts in the electoral roll. Now it is already 2013, [there are] still no changes.”

“Najib has been saying that he will bring transformation, but nothing changed. Is this another form of BN’s broken promises?”  -The Rocket

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