PH Sarawak component parties will maintain close relationship and co-operation

Joint media statement by Chong Chieng Jen, Larry Sng Wei Shien and Abang Halil Bin Abang Naili in Kuching on Saturday, 20th June 2020

The Sarawak Pakatan Harapan (PH) comprising of DAP, PKR and AMANAH have met on Saturday, 20 June 2020 to discuss the current political situation and the coming Sarawak State Elections.

Among the issues discussed were:

1. The way forward for PH Sarawak

  • We will maintain the close relationship and co-operation amongst the component parties less Bersatu until the leadership issue in Bersatu is clear.

  • The Prime Minister candidate issue shall not affect the relationship between the 3 parties. It is a matter of different opinion and is a means to achieve the same ultimate aim.

2. Party-hopping and betrayal of the people’s mandate

We condemn any form of party-hopping as that is an act of betrayal of the people’s mandate. It will also undermine the spirit and institution of democracy.

3. Preparation of Sarawak State Elections

  • PH Sarawak will face the GPS in the coming State Elections as one.

  • We are prepared to work with any credible political party which subscribe to the principles of transparency, good governance and justice for all.

  • We will not work with any opportunist party or those “one-election party” as such parties have a high tendency of betraying the voters’ trust after winning some seats.

4. Financial Management of Sarawak State Government

  • We express concern over the financial management and the wasteful spending of Sarawak State Government. Two ex-finance ministers, namely Lim Guan Eng and Wong Soon Koh have expressed similar views. There must be strong basis for the 2 to express their deep concern over the financial situation of the Sarawak State Government.

  • Over the years, the State Government has borrowed billions in US Dollar bonds and has not been transparent about the usage of the money of the bonds. Despite YB Chong Chieng Jen’s persistent questioning in DUN Sarawak, the State Government is not forthcoming with the answer. If there is nothing wrong, why so secretive and non-transparent?

  • One thing for sure, there is no way the State Government can proceed with the several multi-billion projects announced by the State Government without committing the State to further debts in the billion. The uncertain part is, how are we going to repay those debts. We do not want the repeat of 1MDB in Sarawak.

  • Currently, notwithstanding the numerous announcements of stimulus packages by the State Government, a big majority of the small traders, SMEs and common folks have not received the so-called assistance announced by the State Government. Why is it so? Is the State Government already too cash strapped?

  • We need a change of the State Government in order to clear the dirt that have been accumulated over the past 57 years.

Chong Chieng Jen

Larry Sng Wei Shien

Abang Halil Bin Abang Naili

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