Penang State Government Prioritizes Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation

Image Source: BuletinMutiara ; Alissala Thian

The Penang state government through the Penang People’s Aid Package recently announced a special Covid-19 allocation of RM 30,000 to each assemblyman to be distributed to their constituents.

Batu Uban assemblyman A. Kumaresan thanked the Penang Chief Minister for his assistance in ensuring the aid reached disavowed communities and characterized the RM 30,000 donation as timely.

Aid to 380 JKM recipients and 400 affected families in the Batu Uban State Assembly region have been successfully distributed. 500 more recipients named by MPKK can also expect to receive help soon.

Chief Minister, Y.A.B. Mr. Chow Kon Yeow who was in attendance at the event held at Bukit Jambul, stressed his commitment to helping Penang recover from the aftereffects of Covid-19 and the subsequent Movement Control Order.

The Penang Chief Minister has reiterated the continued efforts on revitalizing the state’s economy. He understands that the future of Penang is subject to the extent to which the state’s economy can be restored after the pandemic.

“Many communities are affected by this continuing pandemic, both in terms of income, jobs and their ability to financially recuperate. Therefore, at the state government level, we have placed a strong emphasis on public health and economic health. “Our focus must be on the rehabilitation of our state post Covid-19” he said.

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