Pakatan Rakyat is ready, is Najib?

SHAH ALAM, 25 February – While Prime Minister Najib continues to dilly dally about when to call elections, Pakatan Rakyat today launched its election manifesto during its 4th Convention, seeking to uplift Malaysia’s economy, increase disposable income, push institutional reforms and end race-based discrimination.

The manifesto, titled ‘Manifesto Rakyat’ (People’s Manifesto) was tabled before more than 3,000 attendees gathered here at Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC), with the event carrying the theme ‘Pakatan Harapan Rakyat’ (People’s Pact, People’s Hope).

Seen as the grand finale for the DAP, PKR and PAS in consolidating their already solid cooperation to face the most contentious polls in Malaysia’s history, delegates from the component parties sat attentively as party leaders addressed the grassroots machinery to boost morale.

The event was kicked with speeches by the leaders of the respective parties’ election machinery, ahead of the manifesto presentations.

Malaysians determine Malaysia’s future

PAS Elections Director, Dr Hatta Ramli said that PAS is ready for the impending battle — with negotiations for more than 70% of PAS election seats already sorted out.

He reminded the members to guard the electoral process vigilantly, emphasizing the urgency to monitor postal votes and to take the issue of phantom voters seriously.

“We will ensure that the future of Malaysia will be determined by Malaysians themselves, not by foreigners”, Dr Hatta said, to the cheers of the audience.

Dr Hatta is referring to a suspicious rise in numbers of phantom voters in the electoral roll, with ‘instant citizenships’ allegedly handed out by the Barisan Nasional (BN) government to foreign workers, mostly from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines, in exchange for their votes for the ruling regime.

Dr Hatta, also Member of Parliament for Kubang Krian later provided a stern warning against these illegal voters, adding that Malaysians are prepared to keep them from nearing any polling centre on polling day.

Malays are now flying DAP flags

PKR Deputy President, Azmin Ali went on to describe the change in the country’s landscape brought by the mutual understanding achieved by Pakatan Rakyat component parties, noting that “DAP flags are now flown by Malays, be them in town or rural areas”, a feat he said had never been seen before.

“We are fully committed towards policies that are not based on race but are based on needs,” said Azmin, stressing that the People’s Manifesto comes with the hope to “free the rakyat” and to “completely dismantle racist agendas” advocated by the ruling Barisan Nasional.

Azmin, also Member of Parliament for Gombak, likened Opposition Leader and PKR de facto Leader Anwar Ibrahim to “a centre of gravity” of the coalition, before proceeding to reiterate that the policies lined out in Buku Jingga have always been the foundation of Pakatan Rakyat’s mutual struggle.

“This is the last lap [of the struggle]. We cannot (afford to) commit mistakes and glitches, because if we do so, we will betray the hopes the people are putting in us.”

Mark the end of Barisan Nasional

DAP National Deputy Chairman Tan Kok Wai said it is hoped that the coming polling date would be one of the nation’s “most momentous”, as that day “shall mark the end of Barisan Nasional”, and the beginning of a “new political culture” with a government that practices cleanliness, accountability and trustworthiness.

“To achieve this, PR not only has to win over BN, but [it has] to win with a clear majority. We must always be near to the people with a new perspective.”

The Member of Parliament for Cheras also reminded the members and leaders of Pakatan Rakyat parties to “unite in campaign, and become as one entity”.

“The elections campaign, this time, is not only [a matter of] PR against BN, but must be seen as a campaign by the rakyat against BN,” urged Tan.

The election date remains tightly-guarded speculation as the Prime Minister Najib Razak continues to delay the dissolution of the Parliament. The Negeri Sembilan state assembly will move into automatic dissolution on March 26. The parliamentary term will reach its full five-year period this 28 April. -The Rocket

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