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Of all people, why on earth nominate “Court Cluster” Ahmad Maslan as Deputy Speaker?

Press Statement
11th September 2021

PH Youth: MPs must not vote for Court Cluster Ahmad Maslan to preserve Parliament’s dignity.

It was Mahiaddin Yassin’s solemn proclamation during his last hours as Prime Minister that he will never work with nor support anyone within the ‘court cluster’.

Therefore, it would be dishonourable and disgraceful for he himself and MPs from his party to vote in support of Dato’ Seri Ahmad Maslan’s candidacy as Deputy Speaker of the August House.

The MP for Pontian, who is well known for all the wrong reasons, has been charged for making false statements to the MACC and also charged under Anti-Money Laundering Act after receiving RM2 million from Najib Razak. His corruption case is fixed for trial from 7th June, 2022. He will need all the time, strength and attention to fend off those charges; therefore it is in the interest of the country as well as his own that he not be burdened by such a heavy role.

The dignity, integrity and reputation of the very core of our democracy, the House of Parliament must not be stained and marred by its presiding chair being occupied by such a tainted character, I hereby also call on all the 220 members of Parliament to cast their votes by conscience. 

I call on all MPs NOT to vote for any of the “court cluster” as it will further add to the disrepute already brought on to the August House by the sitting Speaker. We must not allow any more ill-reputed individuals taint our Nation’s institutions.

Howard Lee
Pakatan Harapan Youth Chief
DAP Youth Chief
ADUN for Pasir Pinji

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