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Now is the time for us to truly unite.

How time flies. It has now been more than five months since the infamous Sheraton incident. The move which not only caused the collapse of the PH Government after 22 months in power but more importantly marked the end of a government that was elected to victory by the people.

In these five months, we have gone through a rollercoaster ride. Extremely confusing series of events have come to symbolize the need to go ahead with the 15th General Election (GE15) which frankly speaking, can take place at any time.

Imagine our efforts to regain the mandate of the people by returning to being a government that is still deadlocked in picking a prime ministerial candidate. This matter also worries the grassroots of each party in PH Plus such as Amanah, PKR, DAP and BERSATU Blackout.

With the political uncertainty of the country, it’s almost impossible for a government with a strong majority to emerge, just as predicted by Gramsci. Therefore, it is very important for all grassroots of the PH Plus parties to build cooperation and work together ahead of GE15.

At the grassroots level, there are feelings of suspicion and anger among us that need to be alleviated. We need to build a strong bridge to ensure that trust can be formed and further establish the cooperation of each PH component party. We must aim to not only win the next election, but to win more seats than before at the Federal and state level.

Work at the grassroots level needs to start now to regain the confidence of the people. We must reconnect to the people, by going down to the villages together and connecting with the needs of the people. We must return their support to us. Let us prove to the people that we are truly sincere in serving them.

We need to realize who our real enemies are instead of attacking one another. While the camp on the other side is still blue be it under the name of Perikatan Nasional or Muafakat Nasional, or even Barisan Nasional, we need to take this opportunity to strengthen our ties and prepare for GE15 which may be just around the corner.

At this point, our energy should not be wasted with reckless attacks on our allies. Do not let these sibling fights wear us down and cause us to lose focus on the important issues. Such as the inability of the government to help the people’s economy during Covid-19, the many corruption cases involving UMNO leadership as well as PAS incompetence to fulfil the promise of their Bill 355. Use all these bullets and don’t be busy donating bullets again to the enemy.
Never mind, let us no longer insult our friends from PKR, Amanah, DAP and Warisan because they are not our enemies. Beware of the camp attacks on the other side while we strengthen our determination to ensure victory in the upcoming Sabah State Election.

Shahrul Shahabudin

DAP Secretary, Kubu – Melaka

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