No reason to suspend 88 Kopitiam, says Teresa

DAP Vice Chairman Teresa Kok has urged state broadcaster RTM to lift the suspension of popular Chinese sitcom “88 Kopitiam”, denying that any of the actors were involved in her recent controversial “One-derful Malaysia” vido clip.

“I have checked with the actors and the actresses concerned in the video clip and found that none of them acted in the sitcom,” she said.

Kok called the suspension a “desperate witch hunt” and berated the authorities for taking recrimination measures against the artists in RTM or in the entertainment industry.

She called on RTM to respect the freedom and professionalism of artists to perform in any shows, programmes and any platform as they wish, in line with their professional aspirations.

“RTM should be a broadcasting body that is above politics, like BBC in the UK or ABC in Australia. Only then can it regain its credibility and support from the Malaysian public”, said the MP for Seputeh.

The suspension by RTM came after one of the actors from 88 Kopitiam was suspected to have appeared in Kok’s “One-derful Malaysia” video clip.

Those in support of the suspension include filmmaker Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba who recently directed the propaganda movie “Tanda Putera”, a movie that was uncompromising with its racist agenda and skewing of Malaysian history.

One-derful Malaysia was a satirical Chinese New Year video released by Teresa Kok that took a swing at a few politicians from BN.

The video has provoked protests by a coalition of Muslim NGO’s that included an enraged “ritual slaughter” (sembelih) where chickens were slaughtered and blood smeared on a poster of DAP politicians. The NGO also announced a cash reward for anyone who would slap Teresa Kok.

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