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‘Must watch’ UMNO hate speeches available on Youtube for all to see

By Lim Kit Siang, MP for Gelang Patah

mashitah umno racistThe extremist and incendiary hate speeches by two UMNO General Assembly delegates Mohd Zaidi Mohd Said (Penang) and Mashitah Ibrahim (Kedah) should be “must watch” videos on You Tube for all Malaysians to realize that the time has come for moderates regardless of race or religions to unite to save Malaysia by isolating and marginalising extremism and promoting wasatiyyah or moderation.

The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had been preaching to the world in the past four years – three times at the United Nations General Assembly since Sept. 2010 – that “the fight against extremism is not about Christians versus Muslims, or Muslims versus Jews, but moderates versus extremists of all religions”, and calling for a “coalition of moderates – those willing to reclaim their religion and pursue the path to peace”.

Unfortunately, Najib has allowed extremists in UMNO free rein, to the extent that UMNO delegates could even make extremist and incendiary hate speeches in the face of Najib, Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin, Home Minister Zahid Hamidi and the whole phalanx of UMNO Ministers and leaders at last week’s UMNO General Assembly, enjoying immunity and impunity from sanctions of the law.

More than two months ago, at an UMNO Lumut function, Zahid swore: “As the minister responsible for the Royal Malaysian Police, wallahi billahi tallahi (I swear to Allah) that if police reports are lodged against any individual who impinged on a sensitive issue, the police will start investigations immediately, if possible within 24 hours.”

Why then the silence and inaction by the police to the numerous police reports which had been lodged against Mohd Zaidi and Mashitah for sedition and other crimes of hate speech in the past few days – well exceeding the 24-hour deadline in Zahid’s public oath?

I want to know whether the police are waiting for Zahid’s “green light” as Home Minister before they dare to investigate the reports of sedition and other hate crimes committed by Mohd Zaidi and Mashitah, when these offences were committed in the face of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Home Minister and the whole phalanx of UMNO Ministers and leadership and freely available for You Tube on the Internet.

I must thank Mohd Zaidi’s denial yesterday, taking three days in the eye of a national storm to claim his speech at the UMNO General Assembly had been “misinterpreted”, for it was then that I found that Mohd Zahidi and Mashitah’s speeches were easily available on You Tube, and watching them on You Tube spouting their extremist and incendiary hate speeches is an even more disgusting and outrageous experience than reading about them.

The You Tube showed that when Zaidi was speaking, Najib, Muhyiddin, Zahid, Hishamuddin and Apdal were clearly present on the stage.

Will the PM, DPM, Zahid, Hishammudin, Apdal and all UMNO Ministers and leaders co-operate in police investigations as they are witness to Mohd Zaidi’s racist, extremist and incendiary hate speech.

Will other UMNO Ministers and leaders who were witnesses to Mashitah’s extremist and incendiary hate speech vouch full co-operation with the police?

The UMNO General Assembly last week have fulfilled the worst fears, that it would witness ferocious bout of Chinese, non-Malay and non-Muslim bashing.

Among the greatest casualties in last week’s UMNO General Assembly are not only Najib’s credibility as a result of his reneging on his 2012 pledge to repeal the Sedition Act as an important cornerstone of his Political Transformation Programme, but the fate of his brainchild, the Global Movement of Moderates and his wasatiyyah or moderation campaign.

One clear message from the UMNO General Assembly is Najib’s total absence of political will to spearhead a campaign to marginalise extremism and promote moderation in Malaysia.

If moderation or wasatiyyah is to be elevated to be a special trademark for plural Malaysia in the international stage, it must depend on Malaysians themselves.

The majority of Malaysians cannot be the silent majority anymore and let the minority of extremists and their voices of hatred and intolerance dominate the national pulpits and opinion spaces.

The overwhelming majority of Malaysians, from all races, religions and regions, who believe in moderation and the middle path of unity, harmony, tolerance, justice and fair play for all Malaysians, must make their voices heard loud and clear and drown out the extremist and incendiary hate speeches of the Mohd Zaidis and Mashitahs in the country.

We want a Malaysia where there is no Chinese-bashing, Malay-bashing, Indian-bashing, Kadazan-bashing or Iban-bashing at the UMNO General Assembly or of any general meeting of any political party, but a common commitment by all Malaysians and all political parties how best to achieve the Malaysian Dream of a united, harmonious, competitive and prosperous Malaysia where all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or region, could realize to the maximum their potential, talent and vision.

Watch the Youtube videos here:

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