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Multiracial DAP consistently walks the talk


Since its inception in 1965, DAP has always been a multiracial party that stands up for social justice and human rights for all.


The ADUN for Kapayan, Jannie Lasimbang has refuted Tun Dr Mahathir’s baseless allegations against Democratic Action Party (DAP) by reiterating the consistency of the party towards being a multiracial party as well as standing up for all Malaysians, including indigenous people.

In a statement released yesterday (8 April 2021), Jannie urged Tun Mahathir to retract his recent negative view as his statement referring to the party as ’extremist’ is very wrong. The DAP assemblywoman then stressed how the party have not only consistently listened to the plights of indigenous peoples of Malaysia, but also strongly defended and assisted the Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak.

ADUN for Kapayan, Jannie Lasimbang.

She asserted,


“This to me is a real proof of DAP’s commitment to multiracialism. DAP walked its talk, and established a Native Consultative Council (NCC) and a Dayak Consultative Council (DCC), with representatives sitting at its Central Executive Committee (CEC).”


The Kapayan ADUN, who is a proud Kadazan has been an indigenous activist before deciding to join politics back in 2017. In fact, the multiracial spirit of DAP can be seen with how Jannie herself was elected as a CEC member from Sabah representing NCC.

Furthermore, Jannie clarified that DAP is the only party who has set up such councils at the highest decision-making level. Not only has this Native Consultative Council been established to ensure natives have a voice in the CEC, but DAP has consistently provided support for native communities in need through:

  • The various Impian projects.
  • Raising numerous indigenous issues in Parliament and to the government.
  • Encouraging native leaders to be candidates in elections.

The Kapayan ADUN also stressed,


“It does not get more real than this and that is why there are so many natives from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia who are joining or turning to DAP today, making it a truly multiracial.”


Meanwhile, the ADUN for Ketari, Young Syefura Othman during a meeting with Tun Mahathir today told him that the only thing DAP is ‘extreme’ at is in fighting for democracy, the welfare of the rakyat and good governance.

Throughout DAP‘s history, it has always been multiracial and fighting for the social justice and equality for the rakyat. From prominent Malay leaders of the past such as Ibrahim Singgeh and Fadzlan Yahaya to contemporary Kadazan women leaders such as Jannie Lasimbang, DAP has always been consistent on its principles and walked the talk. – The Rocket.

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