Muhyiddin must stop the dishonourable offerings of political positions and focus on battling Covid-19.

Following the clarification by Amanah Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad that he never spoken on DAP’s behalf on DAP’s alleged co-operation with UMNO, I wish to stress that no outside party has the right to do so. This matter has been dealt with and the party’s position clearly enunciated, the latest being my statements to the press in Kota Kinabalu.

The party’s policy and political position is best reflected by either the National Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary-General. Particularly, statements made by the Secretary-General ultimately represents the party unless clearly stated as a mere personal opinion.

I have been asked by the press to comment on DAP’s position on the current political developments following the fragmentation of Perikatan Nasional and component parties due to dissatisfaction with Prime Minister’s poor handling of the COVID-19 health crisis.

However there is no need at the moment to reiterate or repeat the party’s position when the public yearns for a government that is responsible for the nation and people’s interests and not for their own individual and political survival.

This is particularly crucial in battling the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 infections which reached the highest level of 871 cases. Instead of focusing on political survival by enticing over MPs with GLC positions, including the plum position of the Petronas Chairman, and even dangling the prospects of Ministerial posts with a Cabinet reshuffle, time and effort should be spent by the Prime Minister on correcting his government failures on the Covid-19 crisis.

The Prime Minister should state there is no Cabinet reshuffle, and stop the dishonourable and dishonest offering of political posts and positions. Let us focus on uniting Malaysians regardless of race and religion, instead of divisive racial and religious rhetoric, to support our heroic frontliners to win this battle against COVID-19.


Secretary – General of DAP and MP for Bagan

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