Muhyiddin for Prime Minister? Prepare for this country’s ruin

Source: Malaysia Chronicle

Has anyone ever imagined Muhyiddin as Malaysia’s next Prime Minister? No? Well that’s not earth-shattering, given that he really isn’t what most Malaysians would ever consider Prime Minister material.

Not being Prime Minister material is alarming enough, but being the one who mercilessly stabs his comrades in the back, licks the boots of corrupt power-crazy traitors, and leads an entire country into irredeemable ruin is beyond terrifying. But that is exactly what will happen with Muhyiddin as our backdoor Prime Minister and his unholy alliance with PAS, UMNO, and Azmin’s faction as our backdoor government. Brace yourselves, if nothing changes, it will truly be downhill from here.

Firstly, Muhyiddin’s UMNO-PAS“government”will reverse all institutional reforms on good governance and anti-corruption that Pakatan has worked so hard to put in place. Reforms that may not have borne fruit just yet, but would have transformed Malaysia for the better in the long term. UMNO and PAS have never stood for integrity, accountability, or transparency. In fact, they are the very ones who have been vehemently opposing and vilifying such measures from day one. What makes you think that they would suddenly have the people’s interests at heart now?

Secondly, Muhyiddin’s UMNO-PAS “government” will increase racism and religious extremism by leaps and bounds, no doubt about it. If such hateful sentiments went through the roof while they were the opposition, they will spiral out of control now that they have hijacked our country. If the “government” of the day itself openly endorses such hatred and violence, what’s to stop other individuals and groups in society from mirroring the same? There is nothing to hold them back, since they know very well that no action would be taken against them but would in fact be celebrated.

Thirdly, Muhyiddin’s UMNO-PAS “government” will be rife with corruption, cronyism, and abuse of power. What do you expect from hooligans who have no honour, only care about lining their pockets with taxpayer’s money, and who take sick delight in trampling all over the rakyat? Imagine this, Najib’s court cases getting dropped tomorrow, Rosmah’s, Zahid’s, Ahmad Maslan’s, and Shahrir’s too. All other UMNO cronies won’t even get prosecuted for all their past corrupt practices. Instead, Pakatan leaders might be dragged to court or even worse jailed based on trumped up charges, simply because they did what was right but unpopular.

The force of the law would also be used against members of the public, activists, lawyers, and whistleblowers. Basically, anyone who dares stand up for justice will get crucified as a horrified nation looks on. In fact, the persecution has already begun. Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim, KL’s police chief, has already declared that legal action will be taken against the organizer(s) and participants of the 8.30pm rally at Dataran Merdeka peacefully protesting Muhyiddin’s appointment. Is this what we want? To live in constant fear and intimidation, like how we did all those years until Pakatan won GE14?

Last but not least, Muhyiddin’s UMNO-PAS “government” will shamelessly take credit for all the programmes and policies that Pakatan laboured and sweated for, and sell them off as their own. Just take Azmin Ali for example. Soon after Mahathir announced the economic stimulus package on Thursday, the shameless PH deserter was so busy stealing all the credit on social media, as if it was his own brainchild. But even if UMNO-PAS do not steal credit from PH, they’ll likely scrap those initiatives completely so that they will never see the light of day again. Malaysians will never benefit from them, and all the savings that the Ministry of Finance painfully secured during Pakatan’s short term that was meant for the people would be embezzled by UMNO and PAS thieves again, just like the good old times.   

Now that the kleptocrats have seized power, UMNO-PAS will be ruthless in exacting revenge on all those who voted them out and stood up to them. Who then would stand up for us, who then would protect us? Malaysian society as we know it would descend into chaos and mayhem. It would be the utter death of democracy, no rule of law, and no semblance of order. Is this a country we can feel safe in? Is this a country we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in?

Forget about everything Pakatan ever promised the rakyat under its GE14 manifesto, the fulfilled or the unfulfilled. Now, Malaysians would no longer be able to enjoy the materialization of such promises because Pakatan never even got a proper chance to see them through.   

Bear in mind, Malaysia doesn’t belong to any one race or political party. It doesn’t belong to Pakatan, and it most definitely doesn’t belong to backdoor parties of robbers and gangsters. Malaysia belongs to the people, to every single Malaysian who believes and upholds fairness, equality, and democracy. Who doesn’t judge the worth of others based on race or religion, who loves their neighbours all the same.

Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”This much should be clear – it is simply not enough that Pakatan alone fights against this treachery of the people’s mandate, ordinary Malaysians must rise up too. If we don’t show solidarity in the name of democracy and all that is right and true, our beloved motherland will never recover again.

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  1. I’m a former Malaysian living overseas for the last 38 years – praying for the men and women of integrity of Malaysia be raised to combat the corrupt government to save Malaysia from the slippery slide into a third world country where the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer and where abuse of power thrives. May those who orchestrate injustices through oppression and persecution based on race and religion be brought to accountability and be judged accordingly if not in this life then in the after life to come.

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