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May Jocelyn Yow’s astounding example inspire young Malaysians

Press Statement
14th December 2020

I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate the rare case of a 25-year-old new mom who was elected Mayor of the City of Eastvale in California, United States of America.

Mayor Jocelyn Yow’s appointment on December 10 marks a new era in American politics. The achievement of this young American who has her roots in Alor Setar, Kedah, brings her closer to home as the role model for our young people. 

It is no longer age or grey hair that is accepted as the mark of wisdom, but what matters the most today is the competence of the younger generation in handling an important job like being the mayor of a city. Young people who are knowledgeable and demonstrate strong leadership skills can make a big impact on society as a whole. 

In Malaysia, we need more young leaders who are capable of driving the nation to greater heights, especially in an era where technology rules.

Being a coloured minority in the USA, Yow’s ability to garner the support of both white and Afro-Americans is simply astounding. Despite her age, she was able to emerge as the victor in the city council election. 

Herein is a lesson to inspire our young people that they should rise above the rut of political discourse that we find ourselves in now; they should fight for the ideals that they believe in, with the hope that they will be able to turn this nation into a better country to live in. 

Our young people must shed their old mindset of thinking that they have no part to play in Malaysian politics. They can begin somewhere in either politics or social works. When they put their heart into it, they too will be able to contribute towards national development.

The last thing one should do is give up on the country and leave the country for good. This is why I earnestly request Malaysian graduates who are currently residing overseas not to give up on our country. Instead, they should return to serve the people and bring Malaysia to where it should be heading to.

Lim Lip Eng
MP for Kepong

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