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KR1M scam misleading the poor?

Is it really that cheap?

KR1M advertises potential savings of “up to 50 per cent” on 250 items as compared to what could be purchased elsewhere. When investigated, these claims were found to be misleading.

Based on a basket of 23 common daily household goods and food items bought at KR1M and Carrefour, it shows that a customer will actually save eight per cent more at Carrefour by paying RM120.53 instead of RM130.49 at KR1M.

Although some items were indeed cheaper, the fact remains that you could get Tesco or Carrefour branded items at the same price or even cheaper.

For example, KR1M claims to sell a 425g can of sardines for RM2.99, ‘saving’ the customer a whopping 51 per cent. However, a check at Carrefour showed that a 425g can of sardines sells for RM2.49, or 20 per cent cheaper than KR1M.

Would you feed your baby this?

Lab tests have revealed that the 1 Malaysia-branded Growing Up Milk Powder contained over eight times the maximum limit of Vitamin A set by the Food Regulations Act 1985.

The infant formula contained 6,012 international units (IU) of Vitamin A per 100kcal, which is 588 per cent of the United States Recommended Daily Allowance.

Excessive amounts of Vitamin A may lead to liver problems, reduced bone mineral density, skin discolouration and hair loss.

In fact, the dubious KR1M milk powder cost more than Nespray 1+ milk powder!


Bacteria-tainted milk

Two certified labs detected the presence of E. coli and a higher than permitted amount of coliform in 1 Malaysia-branded fresh milk. Since the revelation was made public by PR MPs, KR1M has taken the product off the shelves. The Health Minister has also said that the claims will be investigated.




During a press conference, DAP National Publicity Secretary Tony Pua demonstrated that a can of 1Malaysia brand sardines contained less than the 55% of fish required by the Food Regulations Act for all canned fish. The can of 1Malaysia sardines contained only 37% of fish.





Chicken curry
At an on-site test, the contents of a 285g can of tinned chicken curry were found weigh only 185g! -The Rocket