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“Keluarga Malaysia Bully” Ismail Sabri must apologise to all Sarawakians

Media Statement by MP for Bandar Kuching and DAP Candidate for Batu Kawah on 5 December 2021:


Ismail Sabri: Pembuli Keluarga Malaysia


It is distasteful for Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob to blackmail Sarawak by threatening to withhold development fund should voters make the “wrong decision”. This is contrary to the spirit of his own “Keluarga Malaysia” slogan whereby he is purposefully trying to “anak tirikan” or marginalise and punish the rakyat just because they may choose to vote differently. Sarawakians should never be deprived of their rights even when they vote differently.


I demand that the Prime Minister apologise to all Sarawakians for openly threatening to take away something that is rightfully ours to begin with.

Malaysiakini article screenshot on Ismail Sabri’s statement.

This is an open threat to the people of Sarawak and an insult to the intelligence of our people. For far too long, even though Sarawak has been part of the Federal Government for the past 50 over years, we are still so far behind in terms of development compared to other regions in the country. Do we want to continue to be at the mercy of such leadership?


It is the responsibility of the government of the day to bring development to the people regardless of their political inclination.


Public funds are derived from taxes paid by the rakyat regardless of who they vote for. In the spirit of democracy, no one should be punished for exercising their right to vote and any government that use this to threaten the people should be rejected at all cost.

“Development politics” is part of the old politics that we all should reject.


Voters should be given the choice to evaluate each candidate and party based on their vision, direction and track record.


That is why the “Keluarga Malaysia” slogan is mere rhetoric if they are willing to sideline and marginalise Sarawak just because we may not want to follow the Prime Minister’s orders. We shall not bow down to such a submissive mindset of being at the mercy of Putrajaya, which is absolutely disgusting and utterly unacceptable.

Sarawakians have seen the same faces in power for far too long, yet little change has been done to improve the livelihood of many in the state. Does Sarawak deserves this?

I would like to urge all voters to reject such archaic blackmail tactics by the Prime Minister. Let Sarawakians themselves decide their future and not adhere to the “Pembuli Keluarga Malaysia” of BN and GPS.


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