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June deadline for Covid-19 vaccination?

The proposal that the government may consider setting a June deadline on Covid-19 vaccination registration is a poor one.

This proposal does not take into account the lack of information about the vaccination process especially to those in rural areas, the marginalised and the B40 community.

Although I agree that the vaccination process cannot continue forever, June is an unrealistic deadline to set and a bad idea.

Those with smartphones can easily register with MySejahtera.

There are many flaws with this proposal as many Malaysians still do not have access to the internet or smart phones. Some in rural areas do not have these capabilities.

This deadline is advantageous only to those living in the cities but completely unfair to those in rural areas. There are some people in cities that are still unsure if they should take the vaccine due to the spread of false information and it goes to show that the government still has a huge task ahead to convince them.

Forcing the matter through a deadline is not the right way.

I am surprised that the government is so aloof to the situation, perhaps because they are not on the ground. If Parliament was allowed to convene, we who are on the ground everyday would bring it up so the government can have more information to work with before making these proposals.

It is incumbent on the government and elected representatives to assist with the registration of the people, the process should go on and no one should be denied the right for vaccines.

The Buntong wet market at Ipoh

Today with volunteers, we registered more than 50 people at the Buntong, Ipoh wet market, for the Covid-19 vaccine program, under the MySejahtera App.

Many have not registered as they do not know how to do it and some don’t have mobile phones. Some also expressed concern about the possible side effects of taking the vaccine. All matters raised were answered by our team of volunteers.

In view of the many concerns of the people I implore the government to do what is best for the country and retract the proposal.

We will also visit all other wet markets to assist the people to register for the vaccine in due course.

The government can start by allowing private Hospitals and clinics to procure the Covid – 19 vaccinations to amplify the Government’s efforts.

M Kula Segaran

MP for Ipoh Barat

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