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Is Wan Ahmad Fayhsal following in Najib Razak’s footsteps?

In recent times, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal has become more (in)famous. During his campaign for the Bersatu national wing polls, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports fished for members’ votes by promising to use his position in the government and Bersatu to give them special benefits.

Condition? If they voted for him as the new Bersatu Youth Chief. In return? He would issue them “support letters” to “make things easier” for them.

Guess what? He got elected. Clearly, members of the whole Bersatu Youth wing are very interested in these “support letters” he promised.

Unsurprisingly, senior Perikatan Nasional leaders were silent on this matter. Why? Because the PN government itself openly endorses such corruption.

What kind of example does this set for our Malaysian youths? Is this the message they want to send to our young generation – that it’s okay for political leaders to abuse their power and position for personal gain?

Reject corruption! Reject abuse of power! Malaysian youths are the future of this country, and they deserve better examples!

This article was written based on Chiong Yoke Kong’s press statement dated 16th August.

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