Is Hamzah trying to warn us that the Emergency will be extended after August?

Parliament staffers should be vaccinated now to make Parliament the first sector to achieve herd immunity in the effort to ensure that Parliament is able to reconvene when the Emergency is ended on 01.08.2021.

Home Minister Hamzah Zainuddin (pictured) said today that Parliament will only sit after the country achieves herd immunity against the Covid-19 virus. It was reported that he said calls for the government to reconvene of Dewan Rakyat would only “spark more infection clusters”.

Hamzah’s statement will only reaffirm that the PN Government has no political will to reconvene Parliament at anytime soon.

The excuse of “sparking more infection clusters” has no merit.

I wish to remind Hamzah that Parliament sat for two (2) sessions last year, from July to August and from November to December. There was no cluster reported.” – Wong Kah Woh

All the MPs, Ministries’ personnel and Parliament Staff were having Covid-19 test every other two weeks and as far as we were informed, not a single covid-19 positive case was detected. None of those in the above-stated categories had been vaccinated then.

The 4 months sitting went on with strict compliance of SOPs. Social distancing, no outside visitors, limiting the number of Ministries’ staff in parliament were amongst the SOPs that had proven to be successful. Parliamentary Select Committees proceedings also went on smoothly and effectively with the attendance of witnesses and staff being limited.

All the MPs had been vaccinated since months ago. Next in line are the approximately 400 parliament staff.

The nation is in dire need for the Parliament to reconvene, for the Parliamentarians for both sides to sit together and join force in saving the nation from the pandemic.

We are less than 2 months before the Emergency ends. The period for the preparation of 1st dose until the completion of 2nd Dose of vaccination will take approximately 5 to 6 weeks. The Government should start the process now if they are sincere and has the political will to reconvene Parliament.

Is Hamzah trying to tell us now that Emergency is going to be extended and Parliament will continue to be shut from the Lawmakers?


MP for Ipoh Timor

DAP Central Executive Committee Member

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