“Irresponsible” Zahid misleads MPs in Parliament

In his written reply to Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng in Parliament on 11 February, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi blatantly lied that “The Ondeful Malaysia CNY video that had insulted and berated the prime minister..”

The statement is without basis and false as the video did not refer to the Prime Minister in any way, clarified its producer Teresa Kok.

“It is either that the Home Minister has himself watched the video or he has purposely given the wrong answer. Whatever is the case, it is most irresponsible for him to have given a misleading Parliamentary answer when many extremists have intentionally twisted my videos meaning and contents and wen the video has recently become a police case,” said Teresa Kok.

On February 6, a group of muslim NGO’s had demonstrated against the video and Teresa Kok, saying that it allegedly insulted Islam, royalty and the prime minister. Adding to this, the group had offered a RM 1200 reward to anyone who slaps the Seputeh MP for creating and starring in the video. The group of raging protesters had also coloured the event by spilling the blood of a slaughtered chicken all over an anti DAP banner.

The responses that followed included Zahid Hamidi saying that the slap reward was not indicative of a threat, as opposed to a death threat.

Teresa Kok stated that she recently added Malay subtitles in the video, and therefore requested Zahid Hamidi and his ministry officials to watch the video and correct the wrong answer delivered in Parliament. Failing which, she would file a parliamentary motion against him through the privileges committee for maliciously providing a misleading answer to an elected representative.

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