In the wake of MH17, Malaysia must consider sanctions against Russia

llim-guan-engIn his address during the Emergency Parliamentary session today, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has asked the government to exert pressure on the Russian Federation for its implicated involvement in the MH17 crash by supporting international sanctions on the Vladimir Putin run state.

There is strong evidence to suggest that pro-Russian rebels had downed the aircraft using arms from Russia, hence Malaysia should pressure the Russian government via sanctions and the cancellation of ongoing business deals with them, he said.

“If Malaysia has not completed its payment to Russia for the acquisition of 18 Sukhoi fighter jets, then we have to be prepared to cancel our payments if necessary.”

” Also, we might have to abort the “Angkasawan kedua” project too,” explaining that the space project, being part of the Sukhoi deal, must not be followed through in the case of Russia not providing full cooperation to the international community.

” If necessary, Malaysia must consider heeding the call of the international community to support international sanctions on the Soviet nation,” he said.

Following the crash, Ukraine and Russia are seen blaming each other for the crash that took 298 lives. While Ukraine blames Russia for arming the pro-Russian separatists, Russia blames Ukraine for orchestrating the attack.

Lim questioned the possibility of both claims.

“As we see the propaganda wars being launched between Ukraine and Russia, we must ask why the Ukrainians would launch missiles at an aircraft when they know that the separatists are not in possession of any armed fighter aircraft.”

“What we are then left with is the scenario where the separatists are responsible for attacking MH 17,”  adding that the Malaysian government must find a way to apprehend the separatists involved in the incident, and the possibility of Russian military aid must be investigated.


An image of what looks like a Buk surface-to-air missile battery near Torez last Thursday. Photograph: EMPR/Barcroft Media

Lim also added that the position of the plane at an altitude of 33 000 meters when shot down, could only be shot down by surface-to-air missiles (SAM) and not “manpads” (shoulder-fired weapons) which are only capable of firing a third of that range. In Ukraine’s condemnation of Russia, they had suggested that the the separatists were given Buk SAM missiles by the Russian military which they have allegedly been using to down Ukrainian aircraft.

He asked that the federal government be resolute in questioning both Ukraine and Russia to identity the responsible party for the crime.

“We must not be afraid to ask these questions,” he said.



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