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Hit that reset button: This is what we must do now to save Malaysia and start anew

The Malaysian political crisis is moving at a rapid pace while the Covid-19 pandemic is moving even faster at the rate it’s been inflicting damage on the nation. Every single day, we read grim reports about how our Covid-19 situation is worsening with new cases and new deaths.

On Friday evening, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin presented a seven-point framework for bipartisan co-operation in a live telecast. However, within 24 hours, rumours were rife that he would resign when he meets the Yang di-Pertuan Agong tomorrow as some Cabinet members were unaware of the content of his proposal.

While it’s indisputable that Muhyiddin’s PN government has spectacularly failed in managing the pandemic and is fully responsible for Malaysia’s present multi-faceted crises, it would also be disastrous if Muhyiddin’s resignation results in a constitutional deadlock or paves the way for a new Prime Minister who will only continue with the kakistocracy of his present government.

Yes, Covid-19 is Malaysia’s no. 1 public enemy. But even more so is any government (present or future) that cares nothing for the rakyat and is only obsessed with power and position even in the midst of a pandemic.   

Ever since a state of Emergency was declared on 11 January 2021 supposedly to fight Covid-19, our public health crisis has only gone from bad to worse. New cases and deaths have skyrocketed at a rate Malaysians have never seen before the Emergency was imposed.

As of yesterday, we now have more than 1.3 million cases and more than 12,000 deaths! PN’s seven-month emergency has been responsible for over 91% of Covid-19 cases and over 95% of Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia.

Figures as of 14th August 2021

We just can’t allow this to continue anymore. Enough is enough, this has to stop.

For these reasons, we must be open-minded about discussions to end the multiple crises the country has been facing – health, economic, and political.

However, any discussion must also be subject to two important principles. Firstly, there must be an offer by Muhyiddin’s government which would be a game changer – one that can bring the pandemic under control as well as address the political and economic crises. Secondly, this offer must be in the nation’s interest and secure the approval of Pakatan Harapan and DAP.

Together, we can still save Malaysia from the worst – as long as we put the rakyat first and have a deep love for our nation that prevails above all else.

This article was written based on Lim Kit Siang’s statement dated 15th August 2021.

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