Give task of rebuilding flood-hit areas to locals

Kuala-Krai-floodJobs to rebuild the flood-hit areas, especially Kuala Krai, should be given to locals with a decent wage instead of being outsourced, a DAP leader today said.

DAP Political Education chief Liew Chin Tong  said the rebuilding must not be a way for crony contractors to con the government for contracts.

He said that the economic dislocation that resulted from the floods should be recognised as a major sosio-economic concern that the RM 500 aid — including any other monetary aid– was not enough.

“Instead, the locals should be enlisted to work with a decent daily wage in their communities to speed up cleaning and rebuilding efforts, and in the process, rebuild the economy vibrancy of the local community,” said Liew.

According to reports, the number of people displaced in flood hit states are over 237, 000. Some victims depend on odd jobs have no way of making an income and complain of not having any money.

According to The Malaysian Insider, victims also complain that they are forced to buy bottles of water from “unscrupulous” traders, who charge them RM 5 per bottle.

Liew said that despite government announcements to the victims asking them to use only clean water and proper toilets, “there is no water and electricity supply”, forcing residents to bathe in the river.

“I saw with my own eyes in Manjor a Health Ministry car with loudspeaker moving around to advise the residents to use clean water and to use proper toilets,” said Liew.

Asking the Health Ministry and other ministries not to resort to meagre advise, Liew added that it had to recognise the risks of outbreak of diseases.

“The federal goverment must organise concerted ‘whole-of-government’ effort to deal with the real situation on the ground,” added Liew.

Liew also reiterated the parties call for a state of emergency, in the hope that efforts to rebuild the states and restore the lives of the victims would be expedited. -The Rocket

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