Gerakan is Perkasa, Perkasa is Gerakan

GEORGE TOWN, 25 MAC: Barisan Nasional Penang State Chairperson, Teng Chang Yeow has finally shown his true colours and reaffirms the open secret that BN and Perkasa are actually in cohorts with each other when Teng was seen at a demonstration organized by the right wing ultra-Malay group.

Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng commented on the demonstration held at the Esplanade yesterday, in which Perkasa had played a lead role.

“Teng Chang Yeow even shook hands with most of the people there including ‘Coffin Ghani’, says the DAP Secretary General.

Lim says that this shows that all along the past violent and racist demonstrations carried out over the past five years against the Pakatan Rakyat-led state government of Penang have been organised by people who were supporting BN.

“Clearly, Gerakan equals to Perkasa, Perkasa equals to Gerakan,” he adds further.

Questioning the reason behind Teng’s act of trying to hide and not admit the relationship between Gerakan/BN and Perkasa, Lim says that the secret affair between the two is no longer a secret.

“It is an open secret, so admit it,” says Lim daring Teng to come out with the truth and not try to deny the fact that he was indeed well aware of who were the organisers of said demonstration, adding that it was hard to believe that Teng did not know who was behind the rally.

“Teng and Gerakan has shown that they support such politics of violence and hate from racist and extremist groups such as Perkasa. Just look at how they behave outside our gates, when they tried to break down our glass doors.

Lim also suggests that the Barisan Nasional admit and let the people decide whether they support such politics of hate and violence by Perkasa.

Teng was one of the many BN leaders seen at the rally organized by Himpunan Rayat Bersatu Pulau Pinang, a coalition of an alleged 120 NGOs including Perkasa, who for the past five years relentlessly condemned the Pakatan government of Penang for being headed by DAP, a ‘Chinese party’ in their understanding. – The Rocket

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