Find another scapegoat, Santhara.

Charles Santiago, MP for Klang

Sweeping statements are just that: ignorant, vile, toxic and aimed at creating chaos and inciting hate.

Stating that those who have bombarded the society recently with negative messages about the Rohingya are people linked to the Democratic Action Party is like forcing a new narrative that just won’t gel.

Anyone who read the article would be able to vividly picture Edmund Santhara, the Deputy Federal Territories Minister, grasping at words to make his argument seem vaguely legitimate.

It clearly shows his desperation to cast aspersions on the party.

Even this is nothing new because those aligned with UMNO or former UMNO members are continuously trying to demonise the Democratic Action Party (DAP), because we have won the respect and trust of many.

It would however, be good for me to remind Santhara that the-then Deputy Defence Minister, Liew Chin Tong, has visited Cox’s Bazaar to speak to the Rohingya who have fled Myanmar because of targeted persecution.

I, in my capacity as the Chairperson of ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights, also led a regional parliamentary delegation to Cox’s Bazaar to listen to the violence and gross violations of human rights that the Rohingya have suffered at the hands of the Myanmar military.

And also met with Yang Hee Lee, UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar, to explore ways in which the United Nationd and ASEAN can lobby Myanmar to stop the attacks against the minority Rohingya.

The DAP has always fought for the rights of the marginalised and disenfranchised in any given society.

Anyone who has been following the hate campaign against the Rohingya over the last two weeks would have noticed that it’s well coordinated.

After that came the attacks against any rights activist who spoke up for the Rohingya.

And now, we have mass arrests of undocumented migrant workers and according to eye-witnesses, this include women and children.

So, clearly someone, a political party or a bigger group of people are behind this disgusting campaign.

The DAP does not have the power, money or time to indulge in such low-life tactics. And we are a different group of people: one that holds on to principles and believes that every human being must be treated with dignity and respect.

So, I suggest that Santhara looks elsewhere to find his scapegoat.

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