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Emergency proclamation: Muhyiddin cares about nothing else but hanging on to power

Press Statement
12th January 2021

Since the PN government had already decided to impose MCO, today’s proclamation of emergency until August is really uncalled for and totally unnecessary. It will have severe negative impact on Malaysia’s international standing and affect the confidence of investors.

The proclamation of emergency by PN is proven to be purely political in nature. It is not for the public interest but aims to save TS Muhyddin from losing power and indeed serves as a very dangerous precedent.

The fact that Parliament will be suspended and all power is vested with the executive will open the door for abuse of power, corrupt practices, and deprive law makers of the right to provide the checks and balances badly needed with regards to the government. If we are not careful, Malaysia will deteriorate and become an authoritarian state.

Our country is facing multiple crises now and our democracy is facing imminent danger. A proclamation of emergency is not the solution to the problem, but is the beginning of a bigger problem.

Nga Kor Ming
MP for Teluk Intan
DAP Deputy Secretary-General

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