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Desperate BN attempts to stops DAP from contesting in GE

In an unprecedented move by the BN government, the federal government-controlled Registrar of Societies (ROS) has chosen not to recognise DAP’s party leadership, the Central Executive Committee line-up elected during the party congress last year in Penang.

In a press conference held today, DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said that earlier in the month, DAP had requested ROS to postpone its investigation of DAP’s national-level party election conducted in December 2012 due to the technical glitch.

“On the morning of 17 April 2013, ROS had issued a letter informing the DAP that it has agreed to postpone the witness hearing process from representatives of DAP to 9 May 2013,” Lim said.

“However later that evening a letter received fax stated that ROS, due to several reasons have chosen not to recognise the current CEC slate and office bearer of DAP.”

Among the reasons given by ROS were:

1. the new CEC leadership line-up were improperly formed as one of the CEC members, Vincent Wu Him Ven was in the 4 line-up whereas he was deemed not to have been included in the new CEC lineup submitted to ROS. (Note : In the 15 December 2012 report, Vincent Wu was included in as an elected CEC member, whereas in the revised 4 January 2013 CEC line-up submitted to ROS, he was a co-opted CEC member).

2. There were complaints by DAP members to ROS that some of the branches were notified in time of the DAP national party election in December 2012. According to ROS, this had resulted 753 delegates being denied of the chance to be present and vote at the party congress on 15 December 2012.

As a result ROS now demands that DAP submit a certified CEC line-up with the various party leadership position that was actually elected.

In addition ROS has demanded that DAP furnished details of the notices issued to all branches before the December 2012 party congress or to convene the party congress again to elect the party’s office bearers..

“Pending all the above ROS has threatened that DAP can be deregistered if the above requirements are not met satisfactorily,” Lim said.

“The ROS action shows that it is a blatant attempt to sabotage DAP from contesting in the coming GE. This action is akin to ROS beating itself on the mouth after agreeing to postpone the investigation and then turning around to declare that it doesn’t recognised DAP’s CEC leaders.”

“How can there be two letters that clearly contradicts each other within the same day? This is an evil plot by BN to ensure that DAP cannot use the Rocket symbol to contest in the coming general elections (GE). Obviously BN is afraid of losing; not only that it seems to be afraid of dying,’ an incensed Lim added.

“The reasons given by ROS have nothing to do with the technical posting glitch made during the party elections. ROS’s reasons is regarding the notices given to the delegates.”

“ROS alleges that we haven’t informed all the delegates to attend the congress and hence were denied the chance to vote the party leadership. This is a big lie as this was never the matter. Just because the delegates didn’t turn up doesn’t meant he or she wasn’t informed of the party congress. “

“With this decision by ROS it means that the party leadership is unable to issue letter of authorisation to the party candidates in the coming GE, as EC may choose not to recognize them. As the party’s executive leader, my letter of authorisation to DAP’s candidates will not be recognised by Election Commission (EC).”

He assures the public that DAP will fight for its rights. However to ensure that all DAP candidates will be contesting in the coming GE, DAP has requested the PAS and PKR leadership to let us use the parties’ symbols. PAS and PKR have agreed to allow DAP to use PAS’s symbol and PKR’s symbol to contest in the coming GE

When asked about EC’s alleged agreement to allow DAP to contest using the Rocket symbol, “DAP will not risk the entire election campaign based on some verbal promise from EC.”

“DAP wants a written assurance that we will be allowed to use the Rocket symbol throughout the election period,” Lim added.

“This is the worst BN government in history; it is attempting to kill us off even before we can contest in the elections. This is clearly an underhanded tactics by BN. It’s an a win-at-all-cost, crude and rude attitude and tactic by BN. If BN wants to win, win with honour and dignity!”

PAS secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali says that the ROS’ move is clearly political plot. “It is attempting to put DAP in a difficult position as there is a lack of time to rectify the issues raised by ROS. I have contacted PAS’s spiritual leder Datuk Nik Aziz and party president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang. They have agreed to allow DAP to use PAS’s symbol to contest in the coming GE.”

“We will be willing to sign any letters assign by DAP to appoint its candidates for the areas it is contesting,’ Mustafa added.

Likewise PKR secretary general Saifuddin Nasution also lambasted ROS for this underhanded tactics. “This is a very bad move by ROS and BN. DAP is an important component of PR. We understand DAP’s predicament as the authorisation letters requires time to be prepared to the candidates.

“To demonstrate our comradeship and esprit de corps, PKR has agreed to allow DAP to use its symbol in Sabah and Sarawak,” Saifuddin assured.

One comment on “Desperate BN attempts to stops DAP from contesting in GE

  1. It is a sad moment when notify that Rocket symbol are not allow to use in coming general election. And again the leader authorization to candidates are not recognize. This sudden moved by the ROS has rocked the whole process of a democratic election between BN and PR for which hardly enough time to issue and prepare by candidates in various part of the country.
    However, the hardship and confuses must be turned into greater strength and supported by even larger people of various communities to over power of the arrogant BN government for attempt to fail or disqualify opposition party in contest with BN in coming general election.
    Stand be united, all Malaysian must exercise their right to vote on 5th May 2013 to ensure successfully CHANGE of government and Putra Jaya.
    UBAH !

    A Parent

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