DAP’s Ubah truck almost stolen

KUALA LUMPUR (14 January) In the second attempt in three months, DAP’s Ubah truck was nearly stolen early this morning from the parking lot beside the DAP National Headquarters in Pudu. The party has lodged a report with the Cheras police station and investigations are under way.

According to an eyewitness, the would-be carjacker, an Indian man, had already moved the truck to the entrance of the parking lot, when he was discovered by a guard and a vegetable seller from the nearby Pudu market. The duo noticed the suspect behaving suspiciously inside the truck and questioned him. The suspect pretended to answer a phone call and made his escape on a motorcycle, leaving behind the truck – damaged.

This truck worth RM150,000 is of the same model and make of the Ubah truck that was stolen from Skudai, Johor last November. These two trucks were used as an office-on-wheels cum merchandise selling vehicle. The vehicles, together with the larger Ubah ‘Dream Machine’ trailer (which serves as a convertible stage), were donated by party supporters.

Present at a press conference today were DAP Deputy Chairman Tan Kok Wai, Treasurer Fong Kui Loon, Assistant Organising Secretary Vincent Wu, and reps Thomas Su and Lim Lip Eng.

Lim told the media that the failed thief had left behind a toolbox containing a hammer, spannar, and other tools. At 8.50 this morning, a party source received a call from the owner of a nearby restaurant, 59-year-old Mrs Lee to inform him of the attempted theft.

He then contacted a party official who rushed to the scene only to find the truck with door ajar and in damaged condition. Among others, the attempted thief had damaged the truck’s gearbox and steering wheel, but was unable to drive it away due to a lock that was attached to the clutch.

The eyewitnesses had attempted to chase the thief by motorcycle but failed, suffering light injuries in the process.

Sabotage cannot be ruled out

DAP Deputy Chairman Tan Kok Wai does not discount the possibility of sabotage as a motive in today’s attempted theft incident. Tan said that there were other lorries and cars in the parking lot, but the thief deliberately targeted the Ubah Dream Truck.

“The Skudai Ubah truck has yet to be found. Had this thief been successful today, DAP would only be left with the Ubah Dream Machine,” Tan said.

The party hopes to replace the missing truck before the general election, as it urgently needs to use the trucks for various functions and fundraising activities in the run-up to the general election.

DAP National Treasurer Fong Kui Loon suspects that the suspect this morning was not working alone. “Based on the circumstances of the incident, it is possible that the suspect belonged to a ring of professional lorry thieves,” Fong said.

Fong estimated that it would cost RM3,000 to fix the damaged parts in order for the truck to be in working order. After this incident, party officials resolved to step up safety precautions for party vehicles including installing anti-theft devices and a satellite tracking system (GPS). -The Rocket

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