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DAP & PH will do their utmost best to honour their side of the MoU for a better Malaysia

The MoU on Transformation and Political Stability between Ismail Sabri and Pakatan Harapan was signed earlier this week on Monday, an unprecedented move never seen before in the nation’s history.

Nevertheless, there is no absolute guarantee that this MoU will usher Malaysia into a new political dawn. You ask, why isn’t there a guarantee? Well, this is because agreements are a two-way street.

So, the success of this MoU hinges on both sides equally doing their part to honour their side of the arrangement.

Needless to say, DAP and PH will do their utmost best to honour their side of the MoU. For the sake of saving the rakyat and saving this country, for the possibility of a better Malaysia.

Covid-19 has taken too much. It has ravaged too many lives and ruined too many livelihoods. Within the span of just 21 months, Malaysia has seen over two million Covid-19 cases and our death toll has now exceeded 22,000 lives.

This explains why a political ceasefire for the next 10-18 months is urgently needed – so that Malaysians can single-mindedly focus on fighting Covid-19 and overcome the existential threat posed by the ever-mutating virus.

However, by no means does this MoU signal the end of the Opposition in Parliament or in Malaysia. DAP and PH Members of Parliament will continue to be as vocal and outspoken as ever for justice, for freedom, for progress, for unity. It is what they have always done, and it is what they will always do.

For the opposition, the rakyat will always come first. Always have, always will.

Therefore, this MoU is a golden opportunity for Malaysia to hit that much-needed reset button for national recovery and turn things around. This is the heartbeat of DAP and PH – to save Malaysia.

This article was written based on Lim Kit Siang’s statement dated 17th September 2021.

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