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DAP continues to empower Malaysian women leaders


DAP continues to champion women empowerment and representation


Four women have been appointed as members of the DAP Negeri Sembilan State Committee 2021-2024, thus achieving the target of 30% women representation in the DAP Negeri Sembilan State Committee. On 10 May 2021, DAP Negeri Sembilan has officially chosen these four distinguished women leaders as its State Committee:

  • Winnie Suri
  • Jamilah Said Ali
  • Joan Yong Mui Teng
  • Phang Siaw Ping

With the addition of the above, DAP Negeri Sembilan now has six women in its State Committee, the other two being Mary Josephine (ADUN Rahang) and Nicole Tan (ADUN Bukit Kepayang).

The ADUN for Rahang, Mary Josephine.

In regards to this development, DAP Negeri Sembilan Chairman Anthony Loke Siew Fook asserted that this marks the first time that the DAP Negeri Sembilan State Committee to have 30% women representation. He commented,


“DAP Negeri Sembilan has achieved its target of having 30% women leaders in its State Committee. This is in line with the wish and objective of DAP Malaysia to empower women within the party’s leadership.”

DAP Negeri Sembilan Chairman and MP for Seremban, Anthony Loke.

In fact, DAP Negeri Sembilan now joins DAP Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur and DAP Johor to have at least 30% women representation within its respective state committees.

Jamilah, Winnie and Mui Teng are currently serving as members of the Seremban City Council, while Siaw ping is currently the Secretary of the Kg. Baru Resah Village Community Management Council (MPKK).

According to DAP’s constitution, each of the party’s state committees have the right to appoint up to five state committee members. Besides the four appointed members mentioned above, another appointed state committee member for DAP Negeri Sembilan is Kesavadas A. Achythan Nair.

Furthermore, Anthony Loke further clarified that besides appointing state committee members, the DAP Negeri Sembilan State Committee also decided to form several bureaus, committees and units to strengthen the function and mechanism of the state branch. Anthony, who is also the MP for Seremban stressed,


“I wholly believe that all of the appointments by the State Committee will strengthen DAP Negeri Sembilan in facing the 15th General Elections.”


Meanwhile, the ADUN for Bukit Kepayang, Nicole Tan in a separate statement said that she is extremely proud and elated that DAP Negeri Sembilan have achieved its agenda of 30% women representation in party leadership.

ADUN for Bukit Kepayang, Nicole Tan.

However, she opined that there need to be separate forms of empowerment other than inclusive gender policies such as having a providing for a level playing field for women.

Nicole commanded DAP Negeri Sembilan under the leadership of Anthony Loke which has proven that women empowerment is no longer a distance dream, but a reality. – The Rocket.

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  1. YB Anthony Loke and YB Hannah Yeoh are among the two DAP great leaders that I admire most.Wish I could meet both of them to give a good tight hug.

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