DAP lodges report against Zahid for seditious remarks, will police act?

report zahid sedition

DAP wants action to be taken on Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi for seditious statements made.

Police recorded a statement from Canning State Assemblyman Wong Kah Woh following the police report he lodged on 23 September at the IPD Ipoh (Ipoh Police Headquarters) against the Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Zahid was said to have uttered remarks of a seditious, racially inciting nature at a ‘ceramah’ held in Tumpat, Kelantan on 22 September 2014.

Zahid had cited incidents that occurred during the 2009 Perak constitutional crisis including claims of Chinese DAP leaders throwing stones at the Raja Muda’s car at a demonstration in Perak.

DAP denied the occurrence of these incidents, calling them lies intended to pit Malays against Chinese community.

“It adds more to his hypocrisy that those statements were made in front of a purely Malay crowd. It is Zahid who is pitting the two races against each other and no one else,” said Wong Kah Woh, DAP Perak State Secretary.

An article from the Malay Mail Online news portal quoted Zahid as saying

“Where were the DAP people?”

“They were throwing stones at the Raja Muda… they also threw stones at my car.”

Zahid said that Malays were “willingly doing the dirty job for the Chinese by putting their lives on the line” by laying on the ground to block the entrance to the state building vehicle while DAP leader allegedly pelted stones at his car and the Raja Muda’s car.

Wong challenged Zahid to prove his claims or tender an apology to DAP and to the Perakians for the racially charged statements.

Perak DAP also challenged the Home Minister to report the incident of stone-throwing to prove his case; but warned that there will be serious consequences for lodging a false report.

In an UMNO Lumut event on September 20 2014, Zahid had sworn to ‘Allah’ that he would act within 24 hours of any report of sedition, prompting DAP leaders to question if action would also be taken against UMNO leaders, ex-Prime Ministers, or Zahid himself if reports were made.

“With such a clear evidence of seditious and defamatory remarks by Zahid Hamidi, will the police and AG Chambers take similar action against him?”

“Or he is above the law, by virtue of him being the Home Minister or UMNO’s veep?” Wong asked. -The Rocket

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