DAP is committed to upholding the Malaysian Federal Constitution

DAP celebrates our 55th party anniversary today with renewed purpose to revive our Federal Constitution and restore Parliamentary democracy. Just as during DAP’s inception in 1966, we are still guided by the same objective to protect, preserve and promote our Federal Constitution.

The Theme for the 55 Year Anniversary is Muhibbah which exemplifies everything DAP has been fighting for: Democracy, Justice and Caring for Malaysians.

DAP remains committed to our ideals of observing the fundamental rights as contained in our Federal Constitution of economic prosperity, democratic freedoms, socio-economic justice, equal opportunity, rule of law, respect for diversity and human dignity.

DAP was formed to represent working Malaysians and businesses earning an honest living.

We aspired to be a vehicle for Malaysians wanting to see a government that can be fair to its citizens, an agent of reform to nurture a progressive society, a pillar of unity in diversity, a platform for opportunity, a gamechanger of hope that we can live better and a field of dreams that brings a brighter future for our children.

DAP may not have succeeded fully but we are proud of our track record as the best opposition party and good government.

We salute the integrity and competency of our leaders. We honour the sacrifice of our members and leaders to imprint on each and every citizen, a Malaysian identity regardless of race and religion from Peninsular Malaysia to Sabah and Sarawak.

Since its formation, DAP aspires to be a Malaysian party for all.

Many have falsely painted DAP as a party fighting for sectional interests, but DAP has continued to break free from racial and extremist religious constraints.

DAP has elected representatives from all major ethnic communities.

Race and religion is still being used to justify the Sheraton coup in 2020. The time has come for all democratic forces unite to rescue this nation and restore a suspended Parliament.

It is ridiculous that Parliament can not be open when all schools and business establishments are permitted, except for pubs and nightclubs. Is Parliament now reduced to the same level as pubs and nightclubs by the PN government?

The unelected PN government offers a New Deal to Malaysians, yet its leaders use racial and religious rhetoric that is derogative and divisive. What type of New Deal when there is double-standard?

Ministers are let off whilst the ordinary rakyat is punished with retributive fines of RM10,000 for violating Movement Control Order(MCO) restrictions, those who do not support the government are cited for contempt of court but not pro-government leaders, using the perks and privileges of government office to induce, buy or even threaten opposition politicians to switch their support to the government and failure by government agencies to act against abuse of power and corrupt practices.

Clearly the people have got a raw deal when the government mismanaged the COVID-19 public health crisis making Malaysia the worse in ASEAN for infected case in per capita terms.

Instead of a sustained and recurring financial assistance during an economic crisis, the ad-hoc and policy flip-flops has caused Malaysia to risked losing public confidence as an investment destination, as witnessed by the downgrade in the international credit ratings by Fitch Ratings.

We are a prisoner of our past if we continue to cling on to the imagined threats of race or religion or economic practices of the past. Our focus should be on the economy, especially creating jobs and helping small businesses that affect 80% of Malaysians.

We can rebuild and rejuvenate Malaysia together. We need to recognize that we belong to each other and the country.

Every Malaysian must respect each other and that we have our own roles to play to move the country forward. As a start, let us restore Parliamentary democracy and uphold our Malaysian Constitution.

Happy 55th DAP Party Anniversary!


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