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DAP Ipoh Barat launched a basic medical check up and awareness services campaign

Speech by M.Kula Segaran on the occasion of launching of basic medical check up and awareness services campaign on 11th July 2020 in Ipoh

Malaysia has done a remarkable job in containing the Covid-19 pandemic in comparison to other countries who are much developed.

In spite of this success, it is vital for Malaysians to not to be complacent and learn from the new spike of Covid-19 cases in other countries.

According to medical professionals, Covid-19 related death rates are higher among  people with pre-existing illness and those who are in the margins of society who can’t afford medical check ups.

In this context, it is vital that Malaysians with pre-existing illness to follow and commit to a scheduled medical check up to ensure that pre-existing illnesses like Diabetes and Hypertension are kept under control. 

Those who feel that they are healthy should also go for frequent medical check ups as a preventive measure. 

Keeping this in mind , Team Ipoh Barat would be launching a basic medical check up process for Ipoh residents with the presence of a doctor. 

We have been providing consistent basic services to our constituents over the years and this new medical check up and awareness campaign is in addition to that. 

We hope in a small way we can assist people to be aware of the current medical condition and to take necessary follow up action.

Health is wealth and all efforts must be streamlined to assist the B40 and the less fortunate.

Team Ipoh barat is commited to make this medical project inclusive to all irrespective of race and religion.

M. Kula Segaran,
Member of Parliament for Ipoh Barat, Perak
National Vice-Chairman of the Democratic Action Party
Former Human Resources Minister, Malaysia.

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