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DAP fights to ensure no Malaysian children is left behind during Home-Based Learning (PDPR)


Despite not being given full allocation by the Federal Government, DAP MPs and ADUNs still find ways to help underprivileged students get access to e-learning devices


With schools being closed nationwide practically throughout this scathing pandemic, concerns have been raised about the state of our children’s education. More so considering the chaotic and flip-flop policies of the Ministry of Education (MOH) under the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government which seems to make decisions on a whim without considering the adverse effects it would have towards students’ welfare.

Despite introducing the Home-Based Learning (PDPR) policy more than a year ago, many students in Malaysia still do not own smartphones or laptops that will allow them to access e-learning modules during the pandemic. Worse, PN’s promise of 150,000 laptops for underprivileged students remains a promise unfulfilled up until the fall of Mahiaddin’s government earlier this month.

To counter this, DAP representatives have been hard at work to help students who are unable to join in on their classes due to lack of e-lerning devices. Despite not being given full allocation from the Federal Government, DAP Members of Parliament (MPs) and State Legislative Assembly Representatives (ADUNs) still managed to find ways to purchase smartphones, tablets or laptops for these students in order to ensure they are not left behind in their education.

In Penang, a total of 2,808 laptops have been distributed by the Pakatan Harapan State Government under Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow for underprivileged students in the state. These include 1,265 laptops distributed at the end of 2020 and a further 1,552 laptops this year.

Furthermore, by the end of June this year, the MP for Bukit Mertajam Steven Sim Chee Keong has also managed to purchase and distribute over 500 e-learning devices for the less fortunate students in his constituency. This was done under the ‘Asal Cek Mau Pi Sekolah’ initiative launched by Steven which aims to ensure no children is left behind in their education.

In Gelugor, its MP, Ramkarpal Singh has also launched several initiatives in order to ensure less fortunate students in his constituency have e-learning devices. Recently, he surprised students at SK Sg Gelugor, which happens to be the oldest Malay primary school in Malaysia with tablets. Speaking of the donation, Ramkarpal shared,


“I hope that the tablets will help the students to continue their studies in this time of Covid-19”

MP for Bukit Gelugor, Ramkarpal Singh surprising SK Sg Gelugor students with tablets.

Meanwhile in Johor, the MP for Kulai Teo Nie Ching has also donated e-learning devices to underprivileged students in her constituency. As of 18 August 2021, a total of 75 tablets and laptops have been donated by Teo Nie Ching’s office to ensure that the pandemic would not deter students from getting access to education.

In Selangor, the ADUN for Bukit Gasing, Rajiv Rishyakaran has also been working hard to ensure that no youth in Bukit Gasing goes without a device and has continued to deliver laptops to students in need. Rajiv commented,


We all hope as a team that Bukit Gasing will be the first constituency to ensure that every house with a child has a device.

ADUN for Bukit Gasing, Rajiv Rishyakaran handing out assistance to a student in his constituency.

In Melaka, ADUN for Ayer Keroh Kerk Chee Yee has been able to crowdfund and distribute many different second-hand devices for less fortunate students in his constituency. These include mobile phone, laptops and tablets. In a Facebook post, Kerk Chee Yee commented,


“Many families are really facing difficulties right now. Some can’t afford to buy their child an extra smartphone or laptop for studies. Others have had to stop working to stay at home with their kids who can’t attend school. We will do as much as we can, but the government really needs to step up as well”

ADUN for Ayer Keroh, Kerk Chee Yee distributing donations in his constituency.

In Perak, ADUN for Pasir Pinji Howard Lee also wants to be part of the solution in helping students keep up with their studies. Through a state program called Tuisyen Cikgu Saarani, Howard helped to distribute more than 150 smartphones to help these students. During the same time, Howard also organised a mobile vaccination programme for the people of Pasir Pinji.

ADUN for Pasir Pinji, Howard Lee distributing smartphones for underprivileged students in his constituency.

DAP consistently fights for the right to education in Malaysia, especially in ensuring that no children is left behind in their studies. These are tough times, but the pandemic should not be a deterrent for our children to gain access to education. Together, let’s get through this scathing pandemic together. – The Rocket.

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