Can Sabahans trust the government?

Can Sabahans trust the government’s assurances on Sabah security?, asks Seputeh MP Teresa Kok in her statement today. 

Following yesterdays abduction in Sabah, the latest in a series of attacks on civilians in the state, Teresa Kok questioned the government’s ability to protect citizens via Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM).

In the incident, a Chinese fish farm manager was kidnapped by 5 armed gunmen near Pulau Baik, Lahad Datu, Sabah . Avoiding capture, they had then disappeared into Philipine seas.

“What will be the federal government’s excuses for this latest incident?  What new assurances will be provided?”Asked Teresa Kok, who added that if the Prime Minister knew what people are saying on the ground, the “government knows best” era as hailed by the Prime Minister, is over. 

“Firstly, can ESSCOM really provide the safety?”

“Secondly, can we trust the Government’s assurances?”

“Thirdly, will heads roll for the latest security breach?” she asked.

The Seputeh MP, who was charged under the sedition act for the satirical “Onederful Malaysia” video, explained that she had highlighted the concern of Sabahans after the murder of a Taiwanese tourist and the kidnapping of his wife at Pom Pom Island off Sabah.

“Often times a frustrated person will express his feelings and views in the form of jokes  or satire, and I have reflected the people’s frustration in the way many Sabahans had expressed their frustrations in the form of jokes and satire.”

“A sensitive and responsible government which truly listens to the people would have taken my video message seriously and try to resolve the people’s concern.”

“The Prime Ministers should answer the most important question Sabahans are now asking —can they trust the government’s assurances on Sabah security?” she asked.

The abduction also drew frustration from UMNO Kalabakan MP Ghapur Salleh MP who said,

“We have been part of Malaysia for 51 years now but the government doesn’t think of our safety.”

After the series of attacks that have deemed the government as being ineffective in keeping Sabahans safe, questions arise whether the irresponsible heads of those charged with the safety of civilians will roll. And if yes, whose? -The Rocket

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