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Bubar already? (Part 2)

by Izmil Amri

If we (the rakyat) were the kid strapped into the back seat in that long journey to that unknown place, and Najib Razak was the parent/driver, he wouldn’t even bother to answer with a simple ‘We’ll get there when we get there!’

He would just smile sheepishly and laugh under his breath, muttering ‘Keep asking, after a while you’ll get tired and fall asleep’.

Let us then ask a different question; ‘Where the heck are we?’

Najib Razak wouldn’t answer that question too.

The question of the state of the nation will almost always be answered with a sigh. A heavy sigh. And then followed by a ‘Well… You know lah,’ and then another heavy sigh.

UMNO people know this very well. BN people know exactly what is going on with the country. But being the egoistic political party that thinks they own the nation, they will forever decide to hide the truth. Not that they are in denial, no. They are just avoiding it.

You and I most likely wouldn’t care much about national debt. I mean, we have enough personal debts to deal with. Unless of course you are part of the BN gang and get spoon fed with the riches of the nation; not having to worry about money for the rest of your life. We the lesser mortals are chained to this huge iron ball made up of debts. A result of an economy based upon the interest of the cronies.

But it would be beneficial for you to know that the national debt is increasing while the government is spending more than ever, giving out cash hand-outs as if the national coffers were their grandfather’s wallet.

I am also sure that by some miracle you have come across the video released by the Global Witness on the rampant corruption that has become the standard operating procedure of the BN in Sarawak. If that doesn’t hit a nerve, then good for you for not having a soul. -The Rocket

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