Bringing smiles for Raya, one outfit at a time.

In the wake of the movement control order (MCO), it’s no surprise that many are facing additional financial pressure with the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

In response to this, DAP’s Johor Jaya Assemblywoman Liow Cai Tung has organized the “Projek Baju Raya” to help ease the burden of her constituents during this festival.

Using the principles of recycling and sustainability, the project aims to give used or “pre-loved” raya outfits a second life. Aligned with the environmentally friendly theme of the project, the clothes are even wrapped in paper bags donated by the public.

As the result of heartfelt contributions, more than 1,000 beautiful, clean pieces of Raya garments in perfect condition were available to those who needed it. .

“We believe that ‘we can bring smiles, one outfit at a time.’ Hopefully, we can help ease some of the burden while also creating some festival cheer, ”Cai Tung explained.

She also expressed thanks to all who were involved especially those who donated all sorts of beautiful Hari Raya apparel.

The apparel consisted of traditional outfits for all ages ranging from toddlers to adults.

Heartwarming moments

The project which kicked off last Sunday and is still ongoing has been well received by the public and contained a plethora of heartwarming moments.

As an elderly man made his way to the counter (baju kurung in hand), he was chatted up by people around him.

“Are you picking this up for your wife? How come she could not make it today?” asked a team member of the Johor Jaya state office.

The man then replied he was actually helping to find an outfit for his disabled cousin who lived alone. When he was prompted by the team to pick an outfit for himself and his wife, the man refused.

“We are fine and grateful for what we have. Let others who are less fortunate have these clothes” he replied.

The man’s attitude reflected many others who came to take just what was needed. It was a heavy contradiction to the naysayers who assumed the project would be taken advantage of simply because the clothes were free.

Those who would like to join the “ Projek Baju Raya” may contact Cik Zulaikha at 012-2601758.

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