Beware of online face masks scam

Since the COVID-19 outbreak last December, Malaysians have been advised to ensure all safety measures are taken to prevent getting infected. This includes wearing a mask, specifically in crowded vicinities.

Some have decided to buy face masks in bulk online, but have instead met with cruel scammers ready to take advantage of them.

At least 20 police reports have been made by victims paying a seller online for masks, only to have those sellers disappear and no masks delivered after the payment has been transferred.

In one shocking case, a Malaysian businessman lost huge amounts of money online when he attempted to buy face masks over the internet for a friend in Singapore.

The 36-year old victim was contacted by a man named “Heston Seah” on Facebook who responded to the victim’s post regarding his need for face masks.

“Heston” made a lucrative offer of 20,000 boxes for just RM 266,253.

Unfortunately after payment was made, Heston disappeared without delivering his promise on the masks.

PDRM implores Malaysians to be very careful and check the authenticity of online sellers. You can verify bank accounts that have been reported for criminal activity by running the account number through the commercial crime investigation database at http://ccid.rmp.gov.my/semakmule/

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