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No to Malacca snap polls, has PN 2.0 still not learnt from the Sabah state election?

Source: Malaysiakini

Press Statement
5th October 2021

The DAP’s central executive committee (CEC) takes note of the latest political development in Melaka where four government state assemblypersons (ADUNs) have withdrawn their support to the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government.

It is no secret that the PN government in Melaka has been suffering from their own internal conflicts ever since forming the government. Their internal rift has now spilled over and the four ADUNs have put Melaka, and potentially the whole country, into another round of political crisis.

The CEC had a meeting yesterday to discuss about the political development in Melaka. The chairman of PH Melaka, saudara Adly Zahari, was invited to brief the party leadership about the issue. The CEC expresses our appreciation to saudara Adly Zahari for his explanation and views on the matter.

The CEC is against holding a state election. Malaysia is now recovering from the Covid-19 crisis and a state-wide election may jeopardise the recovery efforts. We must not repeat the same mistake as the Sabah state election last year, which led to new waves of infections and the loss of control over the pandemic.

Since the PN government in Melaka has collapsed, the incumbent chief minister, Datuk Seri Utama Sulaiman bin Md Ali, should have tendered his resignation immediately as he no longer has the majority in the state assembly. He has no position to advise for the dissolution of the state assembly. The Yang di-Pertua Negeri must be allowed to act independently and objectively, in accordance with the state constitution and without any undue influence or pressure from external parties.

A new government should be formed in Melaka in accordance with the state constitution. The party or coalition with the majority should be given the first opportunity and invitation to form a new government. During the CEC meeting, the CEC has also firmly informed saudara Adly Zahari of our preferred candidate for the chief minister position.

The CEC reiterates that the political crisis in Melaka must be swiftly resolved so that we can refocus attention on the well-being of the people. The internal politicking of disgruntled politicians should not distract the country’s ongoing effort to recover from the health and economic crisis we’re facing.

Khoo Poay Tiong
Assistant Organising Secretary
DAP Central Executive Committee

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