2013 – Malaysians must have the courage to change

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 DEC: The year 2013 will test whether Malaysians have to courage to change a 56-year-old government that is afraid of new ideas, lost its ideals and turned its back on principles of justice, freedom, truth, democracy and integrity in governance.

In his New Year message, DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng said that if Malaysia is to get back on track, both economically and political rights, the year 2013 should be about the people and performance, not about who is more racist and extreme.

“Lies and fear tactics that change will bring about a Christian state or an Islamic state no longer work when ultimately what makes people’s lives better is the KPI that counts.

“The 13th general elections due in April 2013 should be about which party can  deliver Malaysia’s promise of success to those who are honest, work hard, invest in the future and follow rules in a Malaysia that is clean, green, safe and healthy,” he said.

He gave the examples of three ASEAN countries – Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia – that had exceeded expectations to serve as a reminder for Malaysians about the benefits of having a people-centric government that focuses on performance.

He said Thailand has exceeded all expectations especially in tourism with the highest growth as the No. 1 tourist destination with its 2012 stock market as the best performer in Asia at 37% better than in 2011.

He explained that the Philippines is the country to watch pertaining to manufacturing sector with an economic growth rate of more than 6% and its 2012 stock market just behind Thailand at 33% up from 2011.

He added that Indonesia is the star performer in ASEAN, not just for its size but also for its impressive growth figures.

Guan Eng said all the three countries benefited from a young population that is more skilled and a government that places more importance on economics than politics.

He also said the government in each of the three countries preferred performance and practical policies over racial and religious extremism, as well as leaders who pushed for integrity and punishes corruption.

“If Malaysians are to overcome those who wish to split us into racial and religious boxes, we must remind ourselves that despite our diversity and different cultural past, we are also bonded by history of Merdeka and the Federal Constitution since 1957, of shared values and millions of familiar attachments.

“To bridge divisions, build trust and broaden support to allow all Malaysians to connect with each other, policies must not only be legally valid but also possess moral, popular and political legitimacy,” he said.

He added that Malaysians should take note of the three ASEAN countries’ successes and ensure that bad behaviour not be rewarded but punished and reject BN with corruption in their DNA. – The Rocket

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