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Why haven’t we sent the sex assailant suspect to New Zealand?

safe_imageDAP has urged the federal government to explain why it has deliberated sex assault suspect Muhammad Rizalman Ismail’s return to New Zealand, where he is to face criminal charges.

“Putrajaya must recognize the fact that it cannot run away from criticism over its handling of this matter,” said Puchong MP Gobind Singh.

He said that the lack of urgency on the government’s part sends the ‘wrong signal’; that of incompetency and inability to deliver on its pledge.  Prime Minister Najib Razak had said that the suspect would be returned to New Zealand in July.

Although it has been 5 months since the alleged incident, there has been no headway in the matter, he added.

Rizalman who worked as the staff assistant to the defense advisor of Malaysia at the Malaysian High Commission in Wellington, is facing charges for alleged sexual assault on 21 year old Tania Bilingsley and alleged burglary in May. He returned to Malaysia under diplomatic immunity after being charged for the alleged crimes on May 10.

After being scheduled to leave to New Zealand on 16 July, he was held back here, after the Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces Zulkefli Mohd Zin claimed that he needed treatment for having a mental and emotional condition. His extradition has been delayed since.

“I call upon the Prime Minister to explain in full why there has been a delay,” said Gobind Singh.

He reiterated that matter be dealt with expeditiously to ensure justice for both the complainant and the accused in this case. -The Rocket

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