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SOCSO’s first statement about the subsidy was that all 1.7 million foreign workers will receive a subsidy of RM60 from them to undergo their COVID-19 RTK-Antigen Test. However, their website today states that SOCSO will provide the clinics with the RTK-AG test kits and employers will have to cover the clinic service cost. 

I have organised the exact same testing for only RM70 that covers both the clinic/doctor’s fee and the cost of the test kit. My kits were purchased from the same supplier that supplies to MOH. The amount of kits that I bought were in a much smaller quantity than what SOCSO would be buying, meaning their test kits would also cost far less than what I am buying it for. I can assure that the test kits price would only be half of what they were planning to subsidise, given the quantity they will be purchasing.

This raises an important question – are they subsidizing lower than the amount promised, or is a “broker” making a cut from this deal?

Minister in charge for SOCSO, Datuk Seri Saravanan has yet to answer why not all swab serviced clinics are roped into this massive Covid testing exercise. On their website, there is no call out to private clinics or any straight forward registration method provided. 

To give you an idea of the “plan” SOCSO has to deal with mass screening of 1.7 foreign workers, here is a breakdown of panel clinics they have on their website: 

WPKL – 0 clinics

Selangor – 65 clinics

Negeri Sembilan – 11 clinics

Pulau Pinang – 11 clinics

WP Labuan – 0 clinics

Sabah – 15 clinics

The website also states that Klang and Seremban will begin its screening today while other red zones will begin screening from 9th December. If the number of clinics is to be increased in accordance to their testing plan, then why isn’t there a public call out for clinics to participate. How can the clinics I have already engaged to conduct RM70 testing also be included in the panel? 

Not using available medical resources and choosing the ones based on self-interest is definitely not putting the people first. Testing only in specific clinics would mean that testing will take longer than it should. If this sector is deemed high risk and should be tested, then it should be tested as soon as possible. 

I strongly urge SOCSO to come out and explain themselves on where the balance of the money is going and be open about the price of the RTK-Antigen testing and allow all swab certified private clinics an equal chance to get on board for the sake of all our well-beings. 




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