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What Action Will Be Taken Against Mohd Razlan Rafii For Causing The Sipitang Market To Be Closed Down?

Mohd Razlan Rafii’s failure to wear a mask and COVID-19 infection has caused the Sipitang market in Sabah to shut down after he had joined two local candidates to canvass for votes in that market.

The Home Ministry and Health Ministry must state what action will be taken against UMNO Supreme Council member Mohd Razlan Rafii, who has been tested positive for COVID-19, for breaching COVID-19 safety protocols by failing to wear a mask.

Whilst DAP wishes Mohd Razlan, safe and speedy recovery from his COVID-19 infection, action must be taken by the authorities for his failure to comply with the requirement to wear masks.

Mohd Razlan’s irresponsible action has caused the Sipitang market to be closed down “from September 21 until further notice” by the Sipitang District Council. This has resulted in loss of income and livelihood to the local hawkers. How will the local hawkers be compensated for their financial losses?

What is the point of both the Home Minister and Health Minister asking the public to wear masks at all times, when their own party leaders fail to comply and show leadership by example? Stern action must be taken against Mohd Razlan, to prove that the government is serious and committed towards preventing the second surge of COVID-19 infections to emerge, as is happening in many foreign countries.

The Malaysian public do not want to see a repeat of the double-standards in treatment between a VIP and an ordinary citizen.

Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Khairuddin Aman Razali was given a “sweetheart deal” and compounded for RM1,000 for failing to comply with 14-day self-quarantine at home or wearing a pink bracelet, after returning from a private/semi-official trip to Turkey. In contrast a 72-year old Malay old lady was charged in court and fined for RM8,000 and a day’s jail for a similar offence.

This double-standards of a lighter sentence for a VIP Minister and a heavier one for an ordinary citizen, openly mocks and violates our constitutional guarantee of equality before the law. Similarly in this case, Sabahans who are punished for breaching COVID-19 health protocols will also demand equal punishment be meted out against a VIP from Peninsular Malaysia visiting Sabah.


Secretary General, DAP

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