Weekly Highlights

Weekly Highlights (21-28 March 2014)

Wan Azizah victorious in Kajang








Dr Wan Azizah defeated the BN candidate for the Kajang state seat. While the Pakatan Rakyat candidate garnered a reduced majority compared to Lee Chin Cheh in GE13, she gained a 2% increase in overall votes.


Newspaper permits rejected

Home Minister Zahid Hamidi strikes out newspaper permits for Malaysiakini and FZ.com to “avoid public confusion” as there are too many newspapers in publication already. He explained that there are enough newspapers for the number of readers in the country at this time.






Egypt continues crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

Following the death sentence of more than 500 Muslim Brotherhood supporters, its leader

Mohammed Badie, and 682 others went on trial on Tuesday for charges that include murder. In an unprecedended escalation of death sentences and mass trials in the country, the Egyptian government has cracked down on almost all the members of the brotherhood ahead of presidential elections.


Pakatan Leaders barred from Sarawak

While Anwar Ibrahim was allowed into Sarawak for the Balingian by-election campaign, strategic director Rafizi Ramli and MP Tian Chua were barred from entering Sarawak. PKR’s communications director Fahmi Fadzil, in a statement, said, “It is clear that the iron-fist influence of former Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud is still widespread, even though there is a new chief minister. Such influence retards the development of democracy in Sarawak”.

Bung wants the internet censored

“What will happen if Chinese citizens believe in such issues? They will riot and torture any Malaysians wherever they are. We don’t want this to happen,” says Bung Mokhar in Parliament, March 25, while suggesting that Putrajaya bar information on the Internet about Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

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