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Unfortunately, language flair isn’t within Sanusi’s grasp

Press Statement
8th December 2020

He is fast becoming a joke.

And what does he do? Kedah Menteri Besar, Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor immediately grabs the “I have been misquoted” line to make himself look eloquent.


I am very aware of the fact that every language is full of innuendos, metaphors, and hidden meanings which are intertwined in sentences.

But does Sanusi have it in him to be that prolific and proficient? Does he really have the flair?

In his case, Sanusi could not even be bothered to sugarcoat his words with proverbs or figurative language.

Just like many people out there, I did not need to identify eloquently hidden meanings in his racially insensitive venom.

Sanusi blatantly called Indians alcoholics. And now that he is receiving brickbat, he is trying to wriggle himself out of the situation.

But what I am yet to hear is an apology.

I have said this before and I will say it again – we as a society have slowly become racist and xenophobic over the last few years.

Leaders have not only failed to celebrate diversity but do not know how to respect each other and more so the minority.

Constantly engaging in the play of religion in politics has made them arrogant and ignorant.

Sanusi is a great example.

He is stirring racial sentiments knowing fully well the consequences of such action in a multiracial society such as ours.

Sanusi should be deeply ashamed of himself.

But I don’t see any remorse.

Such a person who is capable of further dividing the people down the middle does not deserve to lead a state. Sanusi must step down immediately.

And my dear Menteri Besar, this country has seen many writers and speakers who use the flair of a given language to convey deep meaning.

Please don’t you dare equate yourself with them.

Charles Santiago
MP for Klang

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