Under BN, the corrupt get richer – by Wong Ho Leng

 It is reported that Taib Mahmud will announce soon that he’ll step down after the Sarawak state election. BN needs him to deliver the state but they hope the announcement will take the wind out of the opposition’s sails in the state polls.

He helms the state for 30 years now. To me the report of his quitting is a gimmick to hopefully take the wind out of the opposition’s sail. The reason is simple – Taib has always said that he has not found a suitable successor yet. He has groomed so many successors. None has been suitable to him. He implied that much anyway. Don’t tell me that overnight he has found someone suitable?

If he means business he should step down now. Why after polls? He is trying to say that he is indispensable. I have known many Sarawak leaders clinging on to power until they are taken off by voters.

BN and Taib know that many Chinese oppose Taib and his policies. This is something that BN and Taib must be ashamed of. SUPP treats Taib as God incarnate, they still need Taib. So he has to lead BN into election. They have to create stories that he will quit, to appease the bulk of the Chinese who oppose him.

Whether Taib quits or not after the state poll makes no difference. We can certainly expect the same lousy BN policies to continue. We can also confidently say that the corrupt BN government won’t improve and will only get worse. New crocodiles will come to shore and they will bite new chunks away. – The Rocket