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UMNO, what happened to collective responsibility?

Press Statement
24th May 2021

Ahmad Zahid Seems Eager To Intentionally Forget That The Ministers Who Formulated Important Covid-19 Policies Are All From UMNO

When many policies and SOP implemented by the PN government in the war against Covid-19 pandemic, have largely failed and are widely criticized, some UMNO leaders, including president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid, former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, UMNO Supreme Council member Puad Zarkashi and Tajuddin Abdul Rahman have launched into tirades against and ridiculed government policies.

However, their actions are merely aimed at diverting people’s attention from the real problems in the name of checks and balances. Clearly, they are attempting to shirk their responsibility in failed governance and put the blame on Bersatu alone.   

UMNO shirking responsibility even though it is a part of the failed PN government

I must remind Ahmad Zahid that UMNO is part of the PN government, and many leaders from his party are important ministers.

Among all, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri is the Senior Minister of Defence, Datuk Seri Adham Baba is the Minister of Health, and Khairy Jamaluddin is the Coordinating Minister for National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme. 

Therefore, it can be said that our MCO’s SOP, public healthcare and vaccination policies originated from the ministries helmed by the above-mentioned ministers.  

Ahmad Zahid seems eager to intentionally forget that the ministers who formulated important policies are all from UMNO. 

Hence, UMNO clearly disregarded the notion of collective responsibility in the government. The party claimed all the credit for success in containing the Covid-19 pandemic, yet couldn’t wait to shirk its responsibility whenever problems occurred.  

As part of the ruling coalition, every member of parliament from UMNO is allocated with anti-pandemic funds worth millions. In that case, how can UMNO enjoy spending the resources on one hand while, on the other hand, putting the blame entirely on its ruling partner Bersatu?

In this regard, UMNO should really learn from MCA and MIC, which are also part of BN. At the very least, because MCA and MIC understand the importance of collective responsibility, they are still trying their very best to publicize the PN government even though the policies to combat Covid-19-pandemic have largely failed.

UMNO should face the reality that it is part and parcel of “Kerajaan Gagal”, or the failed government. Hence, it must stop politicking and disregarding the interests of the people in the midst of a worsening pandemic situation.

As the ordinary people will be the most innocent victims under the failed government, no one really wishes to see a failed government helming our country.

With that, I call upon the PN government to reopen the Parliament and invite leaders of the opposition to the National Security Council meetings from now on in order to discuss and look for effective measures to battle against the pandemic and save Malaysia together.

Chiong Yoke Kong
ADUN for Tanah Rata
DAPSY Deputy Chief

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