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To date, Kidex evaluation fails to benefit residents of Petaling Jaya

By Rajiv Rishyakaran, State Assemblyman for Bukit Gasing


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In September 2014, MBPJ, with the desire to evaluate the Kinrara Damansara Expressway (Kidex) professionally and without bias, engaged an independent consultant, MDS Traffic Planners and Consultants to study all the reports submitted by Kidex to MBPJ, such as the Traffic Impact Assessment, Origin Destination Survey, Cost Benefit Analysis, and so on. In line with openness and transparency, this report will be uploaded on MBPJ’s website and be made available to all.

According to the report, Kidex appears to have inflated the future traffic volume of key roads in Petaling Jaya, such as Jalan Utara, Jalan Timur and Jalan Semangat, ostensibly to justify the proposed construction of the highway to reduce the congestion level of these roads.

Based on the traffic figures provided by Kidex, the independent report also highlighted the fact that the highway will essentially act as a bypass road for vehicles from the north and south of the city instead of being a road to be used by the residents of the city. A road serving as a bypass should be going around Petaling Jaya, instead of cutting through the heart of Petaling Jaya.

The commissioning of the Independent Professional Evaluation of Kidex by a qualified traffic consultant is proof that the Selangor State Government has heard the voices of the people and is concerned with the potential impact of the development. It also demonstrates that the state have acted impartially to listen to all sides of the story and verify the contradictory claims and allegations objectively, without fear or favour.

That the construction of the highway must be substantially beneficial to both the residents and users of the highway was one of the 3 key conditions the Menteri Besar, Azmin Ali has set for the highway application to be even considered by the state for approval. The other conditions which must be met are that the concessionaire must reveal the toll rates and its potential earnings to ensure that there will be no astronomical profits, as well as the full disclosure of the concession agreement signed with the Federal Government.

The Menteri Besar, in consultation with the “Say No To Kidex” group in November 2014, has agreed on the deadline of February 15, 2015 to meet this conditions. As of today, Kidex has not met any of the 3 conditions to secure consideration for its application. In 16 days time, assuming the status quo remains, then I am certain the state government will do the simple thing to reject Kidex’s proposal.

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