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The Finance Minister promised 150k laptops in Nov last year. Until June 5, only 12,887 or 8.6% were distributed.

KJ promised in March that teachers would be prioritised in phase 2 of the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (NIP). However as at June 5, only 70k or 16.2% of the teachers under MOE have been vaccinated. When will the remaining 83.8% of the teachers get their vaccine?

What happened to Khairy’s promises?

And how about other teachers in People Religious Schools, State Religious Schools, MARA Junior Colleges, Royal Military Colleges, Private Schools, International Schools, Private Religious Schools, Chinese Independent Schools, Expatriate Schools?

We have 89,696 teachers in the private sector and in other institutions managed by Government Agencies. We also have 31,626 academic staffs in public universities. Will they be included in phase 2 of the NIP?

Delivery of the 150,000 laptops will determine the quality of home-based learning, especially for the B40 students.

Teachers’ vaccination is a key to create a safer schooling environment.  And now, phase 4 of the NIP will be starting on June 16. Yet we still have close to 84% of the teachers not vaccinated.

The Ministry of Education was split into 2 ministries under PN administration. From 1 minister and 1 deputy to 2 ministers and 3 deputies.

Though lots of duty and responsibility have been taken out from their plate, the current Education Minister and his 2 deputies have failed miserably to look after the welfare of primary and secondary school teachers and students. They have failed to monitor the execution of the NIP, and also failed to ensure the speedy delivery of 150,000 laptops. Typical gaji buta and KerajaanGagal.

Teo Nie Ching

Member of Parliament for Kulai

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