The calamity of 31st August 2014

by Syerleena Abdul Rashid 

ppsJust a little over 24 hours ago, this year’s Merdeka celebration has proven to be one where Malaysians will forever remember as the day Malaysians mourn the loss of common sense, justice and freedom.

Yesterday, the powers that be decided to flex their malicious muscles in the eyes of democracy by warranting the unlawful arrests of 156 Penang Voluntary Patrol Squad (PPS) members – who are still being remanded today. This action begs the immediate question – why now and why not years ago when the organization was in its infancy, if the argument of “illegal societies” is truly justified?

The message of unity, confidence and prosperity is nothing but lip service as the incidences of the past 24 hours greatly contradict the positive message our nation’s Prime Minister implored to all Malaysians. The message of upholding harmonious ties with fellow Malaysians obviously does not extend to Malaysians who may differ in ideology or those who choose to scrutinize the official doctrines of a regime that has been in power for too long. As a result, many innocent Malaysians, and in this case, various members of the PPS, are seen as “collateral damage”, in the eyes of the Federal Government.

On the eve of Merdeka, Penang’s Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, was subjected to one of these deplorable acts when a Molotov cocktail was thrown into his residential compound. So far, the perpetrator has yet to be apprehended and the case is still under investigation. Surely, this case should be given the utmost priority and Malaysians demand swift action to be taken upon those responsible.

Furthermore, the puzzling arrest of 156members of the PPS soon after completing their Merdeka Day Parade march and the subsequent arrest of Penang State EXCO, Phee Boon Poh raises more questions as many of us are still unable to understand why or how the Federal Government could authorize such an unpardonable act on such an auspicious day for all Malaysians.

Charging these members as well as a State EXCO under illegal gang activities is absolutely appalling as it only perpetuates the notion that there is something truly amiss in the whole system. These regretful chain of events exhibit the abuse of power and the misuse of the criminal law system, which can be bent and molded by factions who are clearly insincere in their calls towards nation-building. What is apparent is that their main concern is simply to remain in power by all means necessary, even if it means destroying democracy in this country.

Malaysians are now faced with a great tragedy. This tragedy is about the deteriorating quality of human existence and the waning value of the Malaysian life. Our tragedy exists because certain people in power have chosen to ignore the apparent wave of change a majority of Malaysians demand for and will continue to distort the truth in order to bleed this country dry. However, unlike tragedies with no happy ending, our destiny lies in the fact that the power of change is deeply etched in every one of us. Let us bear that in mind as we march forward towards truth and justice. -The Rocket 

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