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The Attorney-General must not remain silent on the Azam Baki scandal

Press statement by MP for Puchong, Gobind Singh Deo on 19 January 2022:


Did the Securities Commission refer the findings in its inquiry on Tan Sri Azam Baki to the Attorney-General for his opinion?


Whilst section 25(4) of SICDA deals with securities accounts, a breach of provisions of that Act could also trigger action which may attract penal consequences.

The power to institute, conduct or discontinue proceedings for an offence in this country is with the Attorney-General. This is provided for under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution.

It is not uncommon for the Attorney-General after looking at findings in an investigation, to offer views and/or direct further investigations into the matter.


I had in a statement several days ago expressed concern over the fact that the MACC was investigating certain individuals in the SC as well and asked whether or not, in such circumstances, any inquiry and findings made by the SC as a consequence would be proper.


The Attorney-General cannot and must not be silent on this matter.

Malay Mail article screenshot on SC’s statement.

He must as Public Prosecutor, explain. Did he study the findings made in the inquiry and decide on it? If he did not, did the SC has the power to conclude the matter as it did without prior reference to him?


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